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Migraine awareness week and Migraine life insurance

Migraine Awareness week – 1st to 7th September 2013

Migraine Awareness Week runs from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th of September 2013 and is being run by the UK’s largest Migraine charity, Migraine Action. The aim of the week is to raise awareness for sufferers of Migraines, to encourage those affected to seek advice and to help raise money for research and treatment of the condition. There will be a number of events held throughout the UK, including an information and support event in Liverpool on Sunday 1st September and a launch event in Leicester on Wednesday 4th September. You can help simply by taking part, donating or simply sharing the event with friends and colleagues to help raise awareness.

About Migraine Action

Migraine Action is one to The Insurance Surgery’s charity partners and we are very proud to support them by raising awareness for them and their events. It is a national charity that was established over 50 years ago and has been helping to support those affected by Migraines, their families, employees and employers by providing information and support. Migraine Action does this by following a few principles: –          Advice: Online, telephone or face to face –          Information: Booklets, websites and specialist nurse telephone guidance –          Research: Joining with academic institutions to better understand and help to treat Migraines –          Medical links: Providing links between medical specialists and sufferers Migraine Action is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to helping those suffering Migraines to better understand and manage the condition. The Insurance Surgery is proud to support Migraine Action as part of our charity support program (/charity-support-program/charities-we-support).

About Migraine Awareness week

Migraine Awareness week (MAW) runs from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th September 2013 and is to raise awareness among sufferers of Migraines and those affected who have not consulted a specialist. There are a number of Migraine events across the UK throughout September including an information event in Liverpool and a new group launch event in Leicester. For more information about Migraine Awareness Week visit Migraine Action’s website: You can also download your very own PDF information booklet and Poster.

How can Migranes affect Life Insurance premiums?

Generally Migraines are not considered to be a major issue in terms of life insurance underwriting and the majority of cases will be accepted at standard rates. For more information about Migraine Life Insurance and case studies for examples of previous clients of The Insurance Surgery then please visit our Migraine information section.

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