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Over 50s Life Cover – Get a quote without a medical.

If you are over 50, you may be thinking about taking out life insurance. Getting covered can give you peace of mind that your family are protected financially should you no longer be here.
As experts in over 50s life insurance, we can help you find the right policy to protect you and your loved ones.
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How does over 50s life cover work?

Over 50s life cover works slightly differently from regular life insurance. The main criteria are that you must be aged between 50 and 85 to qualify. Cover is available up to the amount of £40,0000; this is to cover funeral costs and to provide a lump sum to your family.

Many over-50s life insurance policies pay out a fixed lump sum when you pass away. The amount of cover you require will determine how much your monthly payment will be. But in most cases, the monthly premium is a fixed amount that will never increase.

For example, a 57-year-old female with no medical conditions, for a payout of £25,000, could expect to pay £37.68 per month.

Premiums are typically higher than those for traditional life insurance policies. Still, the cover is often more affordable for people who may not qualify for other types of insurance due to their age or health status.

At The Insurance Surgery, we only provide quotes over the phone. Our personal approach means we can take the time to understand your needs and match you with the best over 50s life insurance plan. As an insurance broker, we work with many of the top insurers to offer you policies that are not directly available to the public.

If you have been denied life insurance with another provider, don’t worry; we can still help you. Our relationships with insurers mean that up to 70% of people who have life insurance declined elsewhere are accepted by us.

How much cover do I need for over 50s life insurance?

This is often a question that stumps people when they phone us.

We get it. It’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is. The possibilities are endless.

Over-insuring yourself may seem like a logical solution, but that can lead to expensive premiums. And under-insuring yourself could mean that you’ve not got enough protection to look after your family.

To help you decide how much cover you need, think about why you want life insurance. This could be to cover your funeral costs, pay off your mortgage or provide an inheritance for your spouse and children.

Remember that our over 50s life insurance plans only provide cover up to £40,000. If you need more cover than this, you may be better off looking at a standard life insurance plan.

At The Insurance Surgery, we can help you do the calculations to work this out. We can speak to you over the phone to discuss the requirements of your over-50s life cover. This may include:

  • Covering mortgage debt
  • Replacing lost income and helping with household bills
  • Outstanding debts such as credit cards
  • Funeral costs

With our help, we can make sure that you are benefiting from the right insurance policy for your needs.

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How much is life insurance for a 50-year-old?

The cost of your monthly premiums for over 50’s life cover will depend on the amount of cover you wish to have. For example, it will be much cheaper if you take out a policy for £5,000 compared to one for £35,000.

To give you an indication of costs, please see below.

The premiums below are based on a 50-year-old non-smoking male with no pre-existing medical conditions looking for an over-50s life insurance plan.

Level of Cover Premium Cost 
£5,000 £9.06
£7,500 £12.08
£10,000 £14.58
£15,000 £20.12
£20,000 £24.96
£25,000 £29.09
£35,000 £37.37
£40,000 £49.48

As you can see, the premiums will change dramatically the more cover you require.

If you’re looking to have a guaranteed lump sum to cover your funeral costs, we recommend taking out cover of between £5,000 and £10,000. Recent research from Sunlife has confirmed that while the average UK cost of a funeral in 2023 is currently at £3,953, this can increase to up to £9,200 once additional expenses have been included, such as floral arrangements and catering.

Price Match Promise

With our price promise, we can guarantee that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else for your over 50s life insurance plan. That’s because we will always price match any like-for-like policy, ensuring that you are getting the most value for your money.

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What are the pros and cons of over-50s life insurance?

There are many pros and cons when it comes to over 50s life insurance policies. We won’t expect you to know all of the details, which is why we’ll talk through your available options during our phone conversations.

But if you’re not yet ready to call us, here are some of the pros and cons at a glance.

Pros and Cons of over 50s life insurance

What’s the difference between an over 50s life plan insurance and regular life insurance?

For some people, an over-50s plan may be ideal. For others, it could be more expensive, and they could potentially receive better levels of cover with a regular life policy.

Our role as insurance brokers is to make sure that you have the right protection in place for you and your family. You may have begun by looking for an over-50s life plan, but if we feel that you are better suited to another type of policy, we’ll explain our recommendations and give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Our reputation is built on giving you the right advice at the right time. That’s why we’ll talk to you about why you are taking out a life insurance policy – because hearing your stories will help us to identify the right protection that you’re looking for.

There are many differences between an over 50s life plan insurance and regular life insurance, including:

Difference Between over 50s life insurance and regular life insurance

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Do you need a medical for an over 50s life insurance plan

Unlike regular life insurance, an over-50s life insurance plan is slightly different. You will not be asked any medical questions or need to attend a medical.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two types of life insurance cover. Even if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you will not be asked about it during the application process. It will also not affect the cost of your monthly payments.

Over 50 life insurance with no medical is a guaranteed acceptance policy, which means anyone over 50 can take out a policy.

At The Insurance Surgery, we are here to help you find the best insurance policy for you. But more importantly, we can make sure that you have the right protection in place for you and your family, whether it’s an over-50s plan or something different.

What are the different types of life insurance if you’re over 50?

If an over-50s plan isn’t right for you (and it’s not suitable for everyone), we know that we can match you to the right deal for you.

There are other options available, and the great news is that because we are independent insurance brokers, we can make sure that your needs come first. Our access to the whole market and our relationships with niche insurers and high-street names mean that we have access to policies that are not available directly to the public.

Typically, other options for life insurance beyond an over-50s plan include:

  • Whole life insurance: This type of insurance covers you for your entire life. It offers a guaranteed payout when you pass away. Typically, this type of insurance can be more expensive. Your age and level of cover can affect your monthly premium, and you may have to answer medical questions during your application.  


  • Term life insurance: Term life insurance is where your policy covers you for a certain term or length of time, i.e. 20 years. If you were to pass away within this term, then your policy would pay out a cash sum. The term would be agreed upon when you take out your initial policy. There are two types of term life insurance: level and decreasing. Level-term life insurance pays a fixed lump sum, but with a decreasing term, the fixed amount decreases each year.


With our help, we can make sure that we match your life insurance plan to your budget. So, no matter what, we can make sure you have some form of financial security in place, and you will never have to pay a penny more than is necessary.

Talk to us about your potential options.

Why choose The Insurance Surgery for your over 50s life cover?

We can help you find the perfect policy for your needs. Our experienced team of insurance brokers can see what policies you are eligible for and work with you to help you decide what is most important for you.

We believe that choosing the right insurance plan goes beyond how much you pay each month for your premium. It’s about having confidence that your policy will pay out when you need it to and will make the process as easy as possible for your loved ones.

Our expert advisors will always help you to get the best cover for your circumstances. We know that every person is an individual, so we can make sure your policy is individual to you, too.

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Need Advice Regarding over 50’s life insurance?

We answer your most frequently asked questions.

The level of life insurance you need will depend on your circumstances. If you want enough cover to pay your mortgage or leave an inheritance after you have gone, you may wish to take out more cover.

But if you are looking to cover your funeral costs and leave a small lump sum, you may not need as much cover. It is also worth considering any employment benefits you receive, such as death in service or sick pay, as this can help reduce your cover.

No. An over-50s life insurance plan is a guaranteed acceptance, which means that you do not have to answer any questions about your health.

It’s always cheaper to take out life insurance at a younger age because insurers will perceive that you are at minimal risk of making a claim. Life insurance is eligible for anyone over the age of 18.

If you take out a policy in your early 20s, you could benefit from long-term financial security for just a few pounds per month. The older you get, the more likely you will make a claim or have developed a pre-existing condition that could affect your premium price.

Here at The Insurance Surgery, we promise we will always give you the lowest possible price, with the most protection for you and your loved ones.

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If you have any further questions about anything to do with Life Insurance and protection for your family, please feel free to contact our team of expert Life Insurance advisors.
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