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Diabetes Type 1 Life Insurance

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Diabetes Type 1 Life Insurance

Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance

If you have Type 1 Diabetes and are looking for Life Insurance then you will need to know about your condition to get the best possible premiums. Some insurance providers are particularly good for Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance and will offer very competitive rates. The life insurance premiums you pay for Type 1 Diabetes will depend on a number of key factors.

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How It Works

Life insurance for people with Type 1 Diabetes will depend on underwriting and criteria is based on a number of key indicators, such as:
  • Hba1c reading (within last 6 months)
  • Control of Diabetes
  • Medication levels (Insulin)
  • Date / Age at diagnosis
  • Any Diabetic complications
The Insurance Surgery is a leading life insurance expert for people with Type 1 Diabetes and other pre-existing medical conditions. Speak to one of our expert Type 1 Diabetes life insurance experts to find out which insurer is best for you and save money on your premiums.
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Most Common Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions.

Life insurance for Type 1 Diabetes can be fairly simple to get as long as your condition is well managed and there are few or no Diabetes complications. Some people with mild to moderate Type 1 Diabetes can find that life insurance rates can attract just a small premium loading. For more severe cases where there are serious complications you may find that life insurance for Type 1 Diabetes will either be heavily loaded or even declined.

Until recently, Life Insurance was the only product available to Type 1 Diabetics and products such as Critical Illness and long-term Income Protection were impossible to get. There was an option for short term income protection, but they would exclude any claims related to the Diabetes for the first year of cover. However, there is now a provider who can offer some Type 1 Diabetics long term Income Protection if the client fits their criteria. Currently, for Critical Illness the only option would be our specialist provider, who would exclude the Type 1 Diabetes and anything relating to it for the term of the cover. Private Medical Insurance is easier to obtain, but again, it would exclude any pre-existing conditions from the cover.

Type 1 Diabetes life insurance underwriting is constantly changing and evolving which means that insurance providers will usually switch positions in terms of who is cheapest for Type 1 Diabetes. If you already have a life insurance policy and have Type 1 Diabetes then it is always worth reviewing your cover, especially if your health has improved. The Insurance Surgery will review your Type 1 Diabetes life insurance every year with our free Annual Review Service to make sure that your premiums remain low.

Guide To Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance

Life insurance for type 1 diabetes

For someone who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and looking for life insurance, results can vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another.  Some insurance providers can even offer life insurance premiums for Type 1 Diabetes with no premium loading so can be offered at standard rates, if you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over 30 years ago and it is well under control. Usually for a Type 1 Diabetes life insurance application it will require either a medical screening, GP Report from your doctor or a specific report from your Diabetes specialist.

Life insurance for anyone with more severe Type 1 Diabetes can be restrictive due to the additional health risks relating to the condition, such as:

  • Heart disease / Stroke
  • Foot ulcers / circulation problems
  • Kidney conditions
  • Nerve damage
  • Eye problems (Retinopathy)

Certain additional factors mean that life insurance will be restricted for someone with Type 1 Diabetes, including someone who has had a heart attack, on dialysis or smokers.

Type 1 Diabetes critical illness cover

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, Type 1 Diabetes critical illness cover is not available through any insurance provider, this is due to the fact that Type 1 Diabetics are more susceptible to other medical issues and are therefore too high-risk to be covered. However, this may change now that more companies will consider critical illness cover for Type 2 Diabetes.

The Insurance Surgery as a leading life insurance specialist for pre-existing medical conditions, is constantly campaigning for more products to become available such critical illness cover for Type 1 Diabetes.

Income Protection for Type 1 Diabetes

Income protection for Type 1 Diabetes is more difficult to obtain than Type 1 Diabetic life insurance however if your diabetes very well controlled and your Hba1c readings are continually at an acceptable level, it is possible that you may be eligible for Type 1 diabetic income protection.

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