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Stroke Life Insurance

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Life Insurance & Travel Insurance for People Who Have Had a Stroke or a TIA

The Insurance Surgery are specialists in obtaining insurance products for people who have had a Stroke or a TIA. If you are looking for Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Income Protection Insurance or just need to obtain some information we will do our utmost to help. We also offer able to offer information on products such as Impaired Life Annuities and Care Home Insurance Plans for clients who have had a TIA or a Stroke.

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Life Insurance with a Stroke

If you have had a Stroke or a TIA it is still possible to obtain life insurance depending on exactly when the Stroke was and the severity of the attack. We will use our specialist knowledge to provide you with an honest assessment as to how the Stroke or TIA will affect your life insurance needs. If the Stroke was very recent your cover may be postponed for a period. Please get in touch and we will be able to provide you with information relating to your particular circumstances.

Stroke and Critical illness Cover (CIC)

Unfortunately, Stroke Critical Illness Cover is not readily available. Although it is not impossible to obtain some form of Critical Illness Cover after a Stroke, the policies available to you will be limited and restrictive. Currently, the only policies available to stroke survivors will include stroke exclusion, meaning that if you were to suffer from another stroke, it will not be covered by your policy.

Stroke and Income Protection

Very similar to Critical Illness Cover, stroke income protection can be difficult to obtain. Most policies available to stroke survivors will have some form of Stroke exclusion placed on the policy.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for cover that only excludes stroke’s for the first 12 months of your policy

Stroke and Travel Insurance

Do you get fed up with trying to obtain competitive travel insurance and having to provide details of your Stroke or TIA over and over again? The good news is that by using our Travel Insurance Wizard this is now a thing of the past. Simply enter the details of your Stroke or TIA once and we will provide you with quotations from over 20 different companies. Choose the one most suitable for your needs, pay the premium and you travel insurance is sorted.

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