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Gestational Diabetes Life Insurance

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Gestational Diabetes Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection

We specialise in working with people who are classed as non-standard by insurance underwriters for various personal insurance products due to their health, such as for Gestational Diabetes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. It may seem odd that a condition like Gestational Diabetes would cause any issues for being able to get life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection because it can be viewed as a temporary condition. In many cases where you are applying for Gestational Diabetes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection you may find that the offer of cover will be only slightly affected by your condition or health.

The Insurance Surgery specialises in helping people who are classified as higher risk by insurance providers due to their health to find the cover they need to protect their family, homes or businesses. It is important to ensure that for Gestational Diabetes life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection that you apply to the right company to give you the best chance of getting cover at the right price.

How Gestational Diabetes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

It is possible that if you have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and you need life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection then you will be required to disclose additional information about:

  • Your current Hba1c (blood sugar) reading
  • Stage of pregnancy
  • BMI level
  • Medication / treatment
  • Any other complications

To find out more about what The Insurance Surgery can do to help you to find the right cover to protect your family or home based on your previous or current health. Our team of experts specialises in non-standard applications for cover such as Gestational Diabetes life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection.

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Gestational Diabetes life insurance

You should be aware that having Gestational Diabetes and needing life insurance will mean that your premiums may be affected. There are some insurance providers who are not particularly keen on accepting people for life insurance during pregnancy and therefore there can be issues with Gestational Diabetes life insurance. Some people may think that it is best to consider waiting until after pregnancy to get cover but it is always worth asking before delaying your application to make sure that you can at least have some cover.

Some of the main points that will be taken in to account when considering Gestational Diabetes life insurance:

  • What age were you diagnosed / current age
  • Provide your current Hba1c (blood sugar) readings
  • Your current or pre-pregnancy weight
  • Do you have any other medical or health issues
  • Have you continued with Diabetes after pregnancy (if applicable)

For Gestational Diabetes life insurance there can be a range of outcomes which can vary from a minor increase to premiums for mild to moderate cases all the way up to decline if your application goes to the wrong company or if you have more serious issues. There are some cases we see where the Gestational Diabetes is very mild and therefore life insurance premiums can be accepted without the need for a medical report and will be accepted with a small loading.

In some cases where Gestational Diabetes leads on to developing full blown Type 2 Diabetes then life insurance premiums will be treated the same as having normal Diabetes. However if your Gestational Diabetes stops after child birth then you will find that life insurance premiums will be offered at the insurers standard rates.

If you have applied for Gestational Diabetes life insurance and have had an insurance offer on the basis of special terms or if you have been postponed cover then you should contact our team of experts to find out more.


Gestational Diabetes critical illness cover

As with other types of Diabetes, it is unlikely that Gestational Diabetes critical illness cover will be available currently due to the increased risks of developing cardiovascular problems and other health risks. You should also be aware that after your pregnancy has ended and if your Gestational Diabetes does not lead to anything else then critical illness cover should be readily available for most people.


Gestational Diabetes income protection

It is unlikely that Gestational Diabetes income protection will be available in the current market due to other health issues and the increased risks of having time off work. If you apply for income protection post pregnancy and there are no further complications or issues then you should easily be able to get cover.

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For more information about Gestational Diabetes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection simply complete an enquiry form and we will contact you immediately to discuss your options.


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