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Motor Sports Life Insurance

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Motor Sports Life Insurance

For anyone taking part in Motor Sports looking for Life Insurance you will find that additional questions will be asked about the type of motor sport, how often you do it and which type of vehicle you use. Motor sports life insurance can vary dramatically due to the various types motor sports, levels of motor sports and vehicles that can be used. The main types of motor sports life insurance are Cars, Motorcycles / Motorbikes or Boats (e.g. Powerboats).

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motor sports life insurance

How It Works

Life insurance premiums for people who take part in motor sports will be underwritten based on several key elements, including:

  • Type of motor sport
  • Size of engine (or cc) / BHP
  • Frequency of motor sporting activity
  • Level of participation (e.g. Recreational, Amateur, Semi-professional or Professional)
  • Qualifications / Licences held

Our team of experts at The Insurance Surgery are very experienced in dealing with life insurance for motor sports applications, and we have dealt with many professional and semi-professional drivers / riders over the years. We understand what insurance underwriters will want to know about your motor sports activity so can help to make the application process easier, quicker and less stressful.

Motor Sports Life Insurance

Motor sports life insurance for people who take part in this type of activity as a hobby or even amateur level competitions will generally find that they will be accepted at normal / standard rates. Insurance underwriters will ask questions about the type of vehicle that you use, engine capacity (e.g. cc or bhp), how often you race, ride or drive and where you do your motor sports (e.g. Circuit, Road, Off-road, On-shore or Off-shore etc.).

For anyone looking for motor sports life insurance that competes in events from amateur to professional level there may be an additional loading applied to the standard premium. Motor sports are generally dangerous which will be reflected in the rate that you pay for life insurance. In instances where the motor sports events are particularly hazardous such as Motorbike Road Racing or Off-shore Power Boat Racing then cover may even be declined by some life insurance providers.

Motor Sports Critical Illness Cover

Motor sports and critical illness cover is similar to life insurance for motor sports as it can often accepted at standard rates with no exclusions at recreational and amateur level. Due to the dangers relating to many motor sports activity at competition level especially, there may be some exclusions applied to more regular / competitive critical illness cover for motor sports. If you are a regular or competitive driver / rider then you will often find that your motor sports critical illness cover policy will exclude Total and Permanent Disability.

As with life insurance, semi-professional or professional level motor sports critical illness cover can incur additional loadings to premiums, motor sports exclusions or potentially even decline. When it comes to motor sports critical illness cover it is important to apply to the best insurance providers for motor sports with the most flexible underwriting for this type of activity.

Motor Sports Income Protection

Due to the fact that income protection specifically offers cover if you are unable to work due to injury or accident then you will generally find that income protection for motor sports will exclude that activity. In the unfortunate event of suffering an injury or resulting illness from motor sports activity then an income protection policy would generally not pay out. Due to the risks relating to the majority of motor sports activity and how income protection is underwritten, the policy will generally not include that activity.

About Motor Sports

The main types of motor sports vehicles that are used are Cars, Motorcycles and Boats which can then include a huge range of locations, such as:

  • Circuit / Track racing
  • Road racing
  • Off-road racing
  • On-shore racing
  • Off-shore racing

There are a large number of different types of vehicles used in the various forms of motor sports and with a wide range of power / engine capacity generating speeds in excess of 200mph.

Some of the most common vehicles include:

  • Cars (e.g. Single seat, Sports cars, Rally cars, Classics etc.)
  • Motorcycles (e.g. Sports bikes, Motorcross, Enduro etc.)
  • Powerboats
  • Others (e.g. Sidecar, Quad bikes etc.)

Our Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection specialists have many years experience in working with recreational, amateur and professional levels motor sports enthusiasts. We can help to provide financial protection for you, your family or your business and we aim to save you money.

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