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Provide a 5-star extension of your service.

Refer clients to a specialist life insurance broker.

“The referral process is efficient, transparent, and hassle-free. Allowing my team and I to focus on other key areas of the business.”

Darren Polson
Head of Mortgage Operations at Aberdein Considine
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A Partnership Approach To Managing Life Insurance Applications.

Managing protection can be time-intensive, and clients often have unique protection requirements. By directing them to a protection specialist, you can guarantee that they receive our full dedication and support. This, in turn, will support your consumer duty obligations whilst assisting your clients to find suitable protection cover.

Financial businesses, such as mortgage brokers, financial advisers, and wealth management companies, partner with us to refer clients who require specialist protection advice. Freeing up their time to focus on other areas of their business.

Exclusive access to products

Due to our 25 years in the specialist industry and outstanding reputation, we have been provided with exclusive access to products that are not available on the whole market. Allowing us to provide standard rates for a range of medical conditions.

Complex Case Experts

In the past year, from January 23 to December 23, we have identified an astounding 548 different medical conditions. Our commitment to fair and affordable cover extends to helping individuals dealing with various challenges or who work in hazardous occupations.

80,000 People Helped

We’re rated ‘Excellent’ across all major review platforms, underscoring our exceptional customer service. Our approach is non-pushy and coupled with extensive industry knowledge and expertise. This allows us to deliver tailored solutions that address unique requirements.

You’ll work with an award-winning team.

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WIP award finalist 2024

Our customers love us!

How to become an introducer.

Becoming an introducer to The Insurance Surgery is simple. Check out the video for more information on the steps to become a referral partner.

Last year we helped thousands of customers find suitable and affordable cover, with our excellent customer service, expert knowledge and access to exclusive products that are not available to the whole market – we can find cover for the clients that you can’t.

As a specialist life insurance broker 96% of our customers have at least one medical condition.

Become an introducer to the Insurance Surgery.

By completing the form below, you will be completing the administrative steps to becoming an introducer to the Insurance Surgery. Once the form has been completed a member of the partnerships team will send a welcome email along with an introducer agreement (detailing commercials) and a due diligence questionnaire (to ensure compliance is verified) via DocuSign.

The next step is to then schedule a 30-minute onboarding call to go through the referral process. Additionally, you can schedule a call with the partnerships team using the meeting calendar below.

Complete the registration form below

Complete the introducer agreement and due diligence report

Schedule a 30 min onboarding meeting

Please note; that the Managing Director is required to sign the IAR (introducer) agreement.

For any questions relating to the registration process, please email: [email protected]

Meet the Team.

A highly skilled and committed team is available to assist both new and current partners, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the partnership process.

Andy Mellor, Managing Director

Andy Mellor has been at Insurance Surgery since 2022, in this short amount of time Andy has taken the business from strength to strength. With a track record of achieving remarkable success, he led the company to a record-breaking year in 2023, securing multiple awards and doubling our partners.

Richard Brough, Protection Manager

Richard has been with The Insurance Surgery for 7 years and his knowledge of specialist life insurance is extensive and unparalleled. Richard embodies our values and provides sincere advice on life insurance to both partners and customers. If you have a question on specialist life insurance, Richard is your man!

Charlotte Harding, Business Partnerships

Charlotte joined The Insurance Surgery in August 2022 and plays a crucial role in our team by managing both new and existing partners. With a keen focus on building strong relationships, Charlotte ensures that our partners receive the highest level of service. Ask Charlotte if you have any questions about the process!

Speak to a member of the partnerships team.

Have a question and want to speak to someone, schedule a call at your convenience.

Alternatively call us now on: 0800 083 2829

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