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Life Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

For anyone living with a pre-existing medical condition or who has suffered a medical problem in the past, life insurance underwriters will want to know about it to be able to assess your application. Pre-existing medical conditions affect life insurance premiums in different ways and premiums will depend on a number of different factors, such as:

  • Date of diagnosis
  • Type of condition (e.g. Chronic, Viral or Acute)
  • Medication
  • Severity
  • Family history

These and other major factors will be taken in to account with life insurance underwriters assess risks for pre-existing medical conditions to calculate the premium that you will pay. Life insurance for pre-existing medical conditions can vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another because of different underwriting criteria.

For more information about your medical condition, select from the list below:

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This list is not a complete list so if your medical condition does not appear then please do not hesitate to contact us.


About The Insurance Surgery Pre-existing Medical Conditions Service

The Insurance Surgery is a leading life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection specialist for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Since 1999 we have helped literally thousands of individuals, families and businesses to obtain the financial protection they need and peace of mind knowing that they are covered. People with a pre-existing medical condition looking for life insurance should already be aware of how annoying or difficult the application process can be which is why we're here to help.

Some people may also already have been declined life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection because of their medical condition / history but this does not necessarily mean that you are uninsurable. Some insurance providers are far more flexible than others when it comes to adverse risk applications such as pre-existing medical conditions life insurance. Our team of highly skilled and vastly experienced life insurance experts have worked with over 1,000 different medical conditions which is why we're so good at what we do.

Through the knowledge and understanding of medical conditions that we have, we'll make sure that you get the right cover to protect your family and we aim to save you money on your life insurance premiums.


Life Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions Guide

The list of possible pre-existing medical conditions is almost endless, especially when you consider that there are well over 200 different types of Cancer alone.

Some of the main examples of Life Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions include:

You will usually be asked about your medical history / condition on your life insurance application to identify the severity and risk.

Some of the main reasons why your life insurance premiums could be increased or critical illness / income protection exclusions may apply because of your medical history:

  • Medical complications relating to your condition(s)
  • Mortality data
  • Lifestyle

Our team of life insurance experts for pre-existing medical conditions will be able to identify which insurance underwriters will be best for you and your circumstances.


Business Protection for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

There are a number of business protection products that are available for people who have a pre-existing medical condition and want life insurance. If you are classed as self-employed (with a Limited Company), Company Director or a Partnership then you could benefit from speaking to our business protection team.

Some Business Protection Products for Pre-existing Medical Conditions:

For more information about Business Protection Life Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions visit our specialist ‘Business Protection’ section of our website.


How does Life Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions work?

Life insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions or who have a medical history will be based on several key areas of underwriting criteria. The premium that you ultimately pay will depend on the information that you provide on your life insurance application form so it is vital that the information is accurate.

Mot life insurance providers will ask for similar information about your medical history to be able to offer cover.

What information is required:

  • Medical condition(s)
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Medication
  • Date of last episode / attack
  • Time taken off work
  • Any complications

These are the main factors that will be used to to assess the type and level of risk that your medical condition(s) present to life insurance. You may also be required to provide further evidence to support your application which could be a number of different reports.


Why are some insurance providers different for Pre-existing Medical Conditions Life Insurance?

Life Insurance premiums are based on risk and therefore the underwriting process is designed to assess the levels of risk that relate to your pre-existing medical condition(s) or medical history. Every life insurance provider will have a different set of rules or criteria which will give very different results when it comes to additional risks such as pre-existing medical conditions.

The other issue when dealing with life insurance for pre-existing medical conditions is that underwriting criteria changes constantly which makes it even more difficult to keep on top of. Unless you are dealing with life insurance applications for pre-existing medical conditions on a regular basis then you will find it almost impossible to keep up to date with.

Our team of life insurance experts at The Insurance Surgery have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses to obtain the best cover and save money. We search the whole market to find you the best possible cover and we aim to save you money on your premiums to protect your family.

You may have been declined life insurance in the past because of your medical condition(s) however this does not mean that you cannot get cover. Insurance providers assess risk very differently and therefore some may be good for your particular pre-existing medical condition with life insurance whilst others may not.

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