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Dangerous Occupations Life Insurance

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Occupations Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Hazardous & Dangerous Occupations

People who have an occupation that is classed as hazardous or dangerous will generally find that Life Insurance providers will want to know more information about their job. Underwriters when assessing life insurance for dangerous or hazardous occupations will need to know what risks are involved and that could mean that your premiums reflect those increased risks.

dangerous occupation life insurance

There are a number of dangerous or hazardous occupations when applying for life insurance that will incur special terms or potentially exclusions for critical illness cover or income protection. It is very important if you have a dangerous occupation to apply to the best or most suitable life insurance provider who will offer you the best cover and at the lowest premiums.

For more information about the dangerous occupations life insurance, see our list below:

This list does not include all occupations that we work with so if your occupation does not appear then please contact us to find out more.
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About The Insurance Surgery Dangerous or Hazardous Occupations Service

The Insurance Surgery is a leading life insurance expert and we also specialise in helping people with dangerous or hazardous occupations looking for life insurance. Since 1999 we have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses to get the best cover for them at the right price regardless of their occupation, sport or medical history. Our team of expert advisors have many years of experience working with hazardous / dangerous occupations for life insurance.

If you have a dangerous job and need life insurance then it is very important that you apply to an insurance provider who has strong underwriting criteria for that type of individual. Life insurance underwriting for dangerous occupations will vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another so if you have been declined cover in the past, this does not mean that you cannot get life insurance because of your hazardous job.

Through the knowledge and understanding that we have, we will ensure that you get the right cover to protect your family and we aim to save you money on your life insurance premiums.

Life Insurance for Dangerous or Hazardous Occupations Guide

There is a long list of Dangerous or Hazardous Occupations that may cause issues when applying for Life Insurance due to the risks involved.

Some of the main examples of Life Insurance for Dangerous Occupations include:

You will usually be asked about your occupation on your life insurance application to identify the levels of risks involved with what you do.

Some examples of reasons why life insurance for hazardous occupations may mean that the premium will be increased or exclusions may apply for critical illness cover or income protection:

  • Working with dangerous machinery
  • Dangerous or high risk locations
  • Working at heights
  • Use of fire arms
  • Potential loss of income / earnings
  • Working abroad or travel

Our team of experts know what areas of risk certain life insurance underwriters will accept and therefore will be able to guide you to the best place for you.

Business Protection for Hazardous / Dangerous Occupations

There are a number of business protection products that are available for people who have a hazardous occupation and need life insurance.

If you are classed as self-employed (with a Limited Company), Company Director or a Partnership then you could benefit from speaking to our business protection team.

Some Business Protection Products for Hazardous Occupations:

  • Relevant Life Insurance (mainly for Contractors and Self-employed)
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance

For more information about Business Protection Life Insurance for Hazardous Occupations visit our specialist ‘Business Protection’ section of our website.

How does Life Insurance for Hazardous / Dangerous Occupations work?

For life insurance with a dangerous occupation you will need to disclose information about your job to underwriters so that they can accurately assess your application. Based on the information you provide on your application form, underwriters will assess the risk against their criteria and offer cover / terms on that basis.

Most life insurance providers will want to know similar information about your hazardous / dangerous occupation to be able to offer cover.

What information is required:

  • Type of occupation / industry
  • How long have you been in this industry or role
  • Professional qualifications
  • Member of any professional bodies
  • What percentage of your job is high risk
  • Type of equipment / machinery used

These and other key factors will help life insurance underwriters to determine the levels of risk involved in your dangerous occupation. The premium that you pay for your hazardous occupation life insurance will depend on how good that insurance provider is with that type of risk.

Why are some insurance providers different for Hazardous Occupations Life Insurance?

For anything that involves an element of risk or a certain level of danger then there will generally be a difference between how insurance providers assess that risk. Each life insurance provider has their own set of underwriting rules (criteria) for risks such as hazardous / dangerous occupations, extreme sports or pre-existing medical conditions, which also changes regularly.

Our team of life insurance experts at The Insurance Surgery have many years of experience in dealing with people who are classed as high risk by life insurance providers. We aim to find you the best possible cover to protect you, your family and your business as well as save you money.

You may have been declined life insurance in the past because of your occupation however this does not mean that you cannot get cover. Insurance providers assess risk very differently and therefore some may be good for your particular dangerous occupation with life insurance whilst others may not.

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