Link Between Travel Insurance and Mental Health in The Telegraph 04/07/2019 9:07am 8 months ago

Last August, The Telegraph published an article on the link between travel insurance and mental health.

They explained how it can be difficult to secure insurance when you have a pre-existing medical condition, and often people are declined insurance without an explanation.

However, they then went on to explain that there are specialist companies out there, including us, that can help you to get the cover that you need.

We know that it can be difficult to secure insurance, and it may even be tempting to lie to insurers and omit details of previous pre-existing medical conditions, however it is crucial that you are completely honest as your policy may be void if you are not truthful.

We will try our hardest to get you the cover that you need as we believe that everyone, no matter the pre-existing condition, should have access to insurance.

To read the full article follow the link

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