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Epilepsy Week 2015

National Epilepsy Week – Seize Control

The UK’s leading Epilepsy charity Epilepsy Action is holding its annual event (National Epilepsy Week) to help raise awareness for those living with the condition. The theme of this years event is ‘Seize Control’ which is to focus on looking at those individuals who suffer Epileptic seizures.

According to figures from Epilepsy Action there are 600,000 individuals living with Epilepsy in the UK currently. There are apparently just under half (288,000 people) of this population that are still experiencing seizures. If treatment of Epilepsy was to improve it is estimated that 108,000 would become seizure free which is a considerable improvement. The whole purpose for the National Epilepsy campaign in 2015 is to help support these individuals to ask for better treatment.

What about Epilepsy and Life Insurance?

The Insurance Surgery is a leading insurance specialist for people living with pre-existing medical conditions such as Epilepsy. While most people may consider Epilepsy to be a mild or childhood medical condition and therefore have little impact on life insurance premiums, there are still factors to consider. Underwriting considerations for Epilepsy in adulthood will include:
  • Length of time since onset (date of diagnosis)
  • Type of Epilepsy (i.e. Grand mal or Petit mal)
  • Date of last seizure
  • Frequency of seizures
  • Any hospitalisation
  • Method of control/medication
Epilepsy is generally not a reason for being declined life insurance (unless extremely severe), however it may incur additional loadings to premiums or exclusions on Critical Illness/TPD (Total and Permanent Disability).

Case Study:

Our client was looking for £110,000 of Life Cover for family protection (Level Term) over a period of 25 years. Age: 37 Smoker status: Non-smoker Condition: Epilepsy (Grand mal) Last seizure: Sept. ’12 BMI: 31.9

Premium: £17.07

If you would like more information about Epilepsy Life Insurance or any other pre-existing medical condition feel free to contact our team of experts:

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