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Diabetes Life Insurance is changing

Diabetes Life Insurance (February 2017) – New products and lower premiums!

The Insurance Surgery is one of the leading life insurance specialists for people with Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes thanks to our links with a number of Diabetes websites, Diabetes Charities and Diabetes organisations. Through these strong links we have developed a high level knowledge and understanding of Diabetes and how it affects the lives of people who suffer from Diabetes, added to that we also have an incredibly detailed knowledge of how underwriting for Diabetes Life Insurance works across the market. We have recently been working with several of the UK’s top insurance providers to help them to launch products that are specifically designed for people with Diabetes to help improve service and to price the products more fairly. This development has been the result of several years of campaigning with a number of leading insurance underwriters to try to get them to do something to bring the life insurance sector up to date with modern treatment and to give more people with Diabetes the opportunity to obtain life insurance. Recently we saw the launch of the Vitality Wellness Optimiser product which we are proud to say that we were part of the development panel to help  bring the product to market in the way that we think our Diabetes clients would want. This product is a revolutionary new concept that offers some incredible upfront premium discounts (up to 65%) and an additional discount is applied for people with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and for people with high BMI levels. The next stage of the product is that it offers the person with Diabetes or High BMI covered by the policy the opportunity to influence their premiums by continuing to manage their condition / health and provide the insurer with annual Diabetes or BMI reports from their GP / Diabetes specialist. Additionally, this product also offers all of the extra benefits that the normal Vitality Optimiser products offer which includes: – FREE cinema tickets – FREE Starbucks drinks – Apple Watch 2 (From £69) – 50% OFF running shoes – Up to 25% OFF Ocado foods – 75% OFF Champney’s Spa Breaks – Up to 40% OFF British Airways – Up to 50% OFF Lloyds Pharmacies As well as these amazing health rewards and benefits you can also be rewarded with Annual Cash Back of up to £125 per policy holder as well as the option of adding your children to the policy to cover them for Critical Illness. A recent example of how much you could save on this plan is: Client A (Age 40, Non-smoker) Sum Assured: £250,000 Term: 30 years Medical History: Type 2 Diabetes (Hba1c level: 7.6) / BMI: 32


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