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Skydiving Life Insurance

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Skydiving Life Insurance

Here at The Insurance Surgery we are experts in finding life insurance for people who take part in extreme sports such as skydiving. Activities and extreme sports like skydiving can make finding insurance tricky, and you may find that insurers will include premium loadings or even exclude skydiving from cover. We will always try our hardest to find the best cover for you.

If your skydive is a one off, then it is unlikely that it will affect your life insurance and you should therefore be able to get insurance as normal. However, if you skydive often, either as a hobby or as a career, then this is where it will affect your insurance. How it is affected depends entirely on the type of insurance that you require.

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Skydiving Life Insurance

How Skydiving Life Insurance works

If you regularly skydive, it is likely that the insurers will add a loading onto your premium. This loading will depend upon how regularly you skydive, as the more frequently you do, the more risk you present to insurers and therefore the bigger the loading will be on your premium.

As a result of this you should expect to answer questions about how many skydives you complete within a certain time-frame i.e. per year. They will also want to know the reason for your skydives i.e. is it your occupation or is it a hobby. It is unlikely however that you will be declined cover for skydiving regularly, but you should expect to pay more for your cover.

Additional Information

Skydiving Critical Illness Cover

If you are looking at getting skydiving critical illness cover, it is similar to skydiving life insurance. Insurers will need to know how frequent your sky dives are to assess how much risk you present to them. It is possible that they will increase your premium loadings as a result of this; they may even include exclusions in your policy ranging from excluding total permanent disability to excluding sky diving as a whole.

It is unlikely that your skydiving critical illness cover application will be declined however it is also unlikely that you will be able to get full critical illness cover without any exclusions; especially if you regularly sky dive.

Skydiving Income Protection

Skydiving income protection is similar to skydiving critical illness cover. Insurers will assess how much risk you present to them based upon the regularity of your sky dives which will result in either a loading of your premium or an exclusion on your policy. With skydiving income protection, it is more likely that they will exclude skydiving as a whole from your policy as it presents too much risk to them.