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High Blood Pressure Life Insurance

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High Blood Pressure Life Insurance

How It Works

When assessing your application for High Blood Pressure Life Insurance underwriters will consider:

  • Current blood pressure readings
  • When you were diagnosed with High Blood Pressure
  • Medication reading
  • Any underlying health conditions related to the High Blood Pressure
  • How often you attend reviews
Here at The Insurance Surgery, we specialise in assisting people with pre-existing medical conditions like High Blood Pressure to apply for life insurance. We are an independent broker so will look at the whole of the market to find you cover.

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Most Common Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions.

The cost for cover is based on your individual circumstances and factors such as your readings and how stable they are, underlying causes etc. The specialist advisors at The Insurance Surgery are highly experienced at obtaining High Blood Pressure Life Insurance and can look for the best rates across the market.

Yes, critical illness cover may be available to you, our advisors can let you know options based on your personal health and circumstances.

No problem, previous declines don’t influence a new application. The skilled team at The Insurance Surgery are highly experienced in knowing which insurers to approach depending on your condition.

Here at The Insurance Surgery, we have over 16 years of experience in obtaining life insurance for people with High Blood Pressure. We offer a full advice service to help you find the cover you need and we do all the hard work of processing the application so you don’t have to.

Case Studies

High Blood Pressure UK Statistics…

  • High Blood Pressure is a reading that is at or above 140/90mmHg
  • Ideal blood pressure is between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg
  • Around 16 million people in the UK have High Blood Pressure
  • Those with High Blood Pressure are three times more likely to suffer from heart disease or a stroke
  • Around 1 in 3 people who have High Blood Pressure aren’t aware of this
  • Approximately 30% of women and 32% of men have High Blood Pressure

Symptoms Of High Bloody Pressure…

It can often be the case that no symptoms are experienced which is why so many people aren’t aware they have High Blood Pressure. The only way to know is to have your blood pressure checked. It is advised that adults over 40 years are tested at least every 5 years.

Risks Of High Blood Pressure…

With high readings comes added risk. If blood pressure readings remain high there is an increased risk of health problems such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Vascular dementia

What Influences Blood Pressure?

Several lifestyle choices affect blood pressure readings. To bring down levels you can:

  • Eat a healthy diet that is low in salt
  • Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Achieve a healthy weight
  • Take regular exercise
  • Sleep at least 6 hours per night
  • Avoid smoking
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Treatment For High Blood Pressure

The first option is to take steps to make healthy lifestyle changes. Some simple changes can quickly bring down blood pressure readings. If medication is required there are several types available and many people need to take a combination. This is often a long-term requirement, although it may be possible for a doctor to reduce the prescription, or even stop it if blood pressure stays under control for several years.

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Life And Travel Insurance For People With High Blood Pressure Or Hypertension.

The Insurance Surgery specialise in obtaining insurance for clients with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

We have years of experience sourcing Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, and other products for clients with Hypertension and other medical conditions.

If you live with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension and you require a quotation for life insurance we also offer a guarantee to obtain the most competitive life insurance quotes on the market.

Below is our summary of how Hypertension may affect your insurance needs.

It is a myth that if you have had a Heart Attack you will not be able to obtain life insurance. It is often possible to obtain cover dependent on factors such as how old you were when the Heart Attack happened, how long ago the attack was and the severity of the Heart Attack. We will ensure that we apply to the most appropriate life insurance company for your personal circumstances.

Providing your Hypertension is not extremely severe you should be able to obtain travel insurance fairly easily. To receive your High Blood Pressure travel insurance quotes simply t and follow the instructions.

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