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Life Insurance for Alcoholics

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Alcoholism Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Recovering Alcoholics

The Insurance Surgery is a leading life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection expert for people who have pre-existing medical conditions or those who are classed as a non-standard risk by insurance underwriters. People suffering from Alcoholism looking for life insurance may find that cover via non-specialist insurance companies may be difficult to get or they may not fully understand your needs and circumstances. Our team of expert advisers has helped thousands of people who are classed as high risk by insurers, such as for Alcoholism life insurance.

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How Alcoholism life insurance works:

If you have had a previous history of alcohol issues or alcohol abuse or been advised by your doctor to reduce your alcohol intake then you will be required to disclose additional information, such as:

  • Date of alcohol dependency and period
  • Reason for alcohol consumption
  • Related health issues
  • Any treatment or counselling
  • Other mental health problems

Our team of Alcoholism life insurance experts has worked with and helped thousands of people with all types of pre-existing medical conditions or medical problems to protect their family, homes and businesses. We specialise in working with people who require additional underwriting such as Alcoholism life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection.

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Alcoholism Life Insurance

If you have had a history of Alcoholism, Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Dependency then you may find that you are required to provide additional information or a GP report may be requested. Any Alcoholism life insurance applications will be individually reviewed by insurance underwriters to provide an accurate assessment of the level of risk for your circumstances. Insurance underwriters will look at:

  • How long ago you were classed as alcohol dependent or when you last consumed any alcohol
  • What treatment or counselling you had and when
  • Did your Alcoholism result in you having any other health issues (e.g. Liver damage, diabetes, heart conditions etc.)
  • Are you still classed as alcohol dependent

Most insurance underwriters will want to see a copy of your medical records for Alcoholism life insurance applications so that they can see the whole picture. This is not an exercise to make sure that you are telling the truth, this is simply to make sure that they make an accurate decision.

Alcoholism life insurance is something that insurance providers will offer cover for and regularly terms will be offered at the insurers standard rates, especially if the alcohol abuse was several years ago and no further issues.

If you are applying for Alcoholism life insurance and you have had a more serious or severe problem, and especially where the Alcoholism was more recent, then there could be additional underwriting requirements. There are certain key factors that will determine what premium you will pay for your Alcoholism life insurance or whether you will be offered terms at all if you are still considered to be alcohol dependent.

If you have previously applied for Alcoholism life insurance and had cover declined, postponed or offered with special terms then you should speak to one of our expert advisers. You may have had issues getting cover in the past then it could be for a number of reasons, such as you applied to the wrong insurance provider or you were not in a position to be offered cover at the time because of your health. Life insurance underwriting for Alcoholism changes regularly as well so there could also be a chance the things have changed in your favour.

Alcoholism Critical Illness Cover

Any applications for Alcoholism critical illness cover will be viewed individually on its own merits which is the same as for life insurance. The majority of underwriters will want to view a copy of your GP report where Alcoholism is declared for critical illness cover to be able to assess your medical history and any related issues.

Due to the strong links between Alcoholism and mental health issues there will be additional questions relating to whether there were any causes due to mental illness. Alcoholism critical illness cover can be difficult to get for anyone who has suffered from depression in the past and especially if you are still drinking.

There are also a number of possible exclusions for Alcoholism critical illness cover such as liver related conditions, heart problems or diabetes. If you have applied for Alcoholism critical illness cover in the past and had special terms offered or had cover declined then you should speak to The Insurance Surgery’s experts.

Alcoholism Income Protection

Income protection for anyone with a history of Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse is a possibility depending on a number of key factors. As with other types of personal protection cover, you will almost always be required to allow the insurance company to view your medical records. This is to enable the insurance underwriters to establish a full view of your health to ensure that there are no other problems due to the risks relating to Alcoholism income protection cover.

As with most previous medical issues for income protection, if the Alcoholism was a historic problem with no recent episodes, treatment or medication then you may be able to get Alcoholism income protection at the insurers standard rates with no exclusions. Where there have been related mental health problems then the insurance underwriters will want to know that you have not had any recent issues and you may also have an exclusion for any mental health on your cover.

Our team of leading life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection experts for pre-exisiting medical conditions such as Alcoholism, has helped thousands of people to protect their families, homes and businesses. Anyone suffering from or with a history of Alcoholism looking for life insurance should contact The Insurance Surgery to get the right cover and to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions.

There are certain circumstances where having a history or even current problems with alcohol can cause issues with being accepted for life insurance. It is generally only in more severe cases for Alcoholism life insurance where cover will be declined as it is not viewed as severe enough to decline in most cases. A history of drug abuse or dependency is more likely to cause insurance providers to decline cover due to the additional risks relating to drug habits.

It may well be the case that cover was declined previously because you were either classed as still alcohol dependent at the time of your application or that you simply applied to the wrong insurance provider. Alcoholism life insurance underwriting criteria varies dramatically from one company to another which is why it is better to speak to an expert who can tell you which company is better for you.

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If you are looking for Alcoholism life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection and you don’t know what to do, then you should contact our team of experts. The Insurance Surgery is a leading specialist and we want to make sure that we help people to get the right cover to protect their families, homes or businesses and to save you money.
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