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Teacher Life Insurance

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Teacher Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover And Income Protection

The Insurance Surgery is a leading insurance expert for people who have a dangerous occupation or whose job may contain higher risk elements. We offer teacher life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. We have a specialist team of advisors on hand to help you find the best and most suitable cover for you; to protect you, your family, and save you money in the process.

Some insurers will be better suited to providing Teacher insurance if you have a job that includes more high-risk elements, for example a science professor dealing with high-risk experiments. Therefore, you should contact our advisors to find the best company and cover for you. Generally, teachers should not come across any problems when applying for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection; obvious exceptions include if you are working abroad or use dangerous chemicals as part of your job.

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teachers life insurance

Criteria that the insurer might want to consider when dealing with your teacher life insurance application are:

  • Do you regularly travel abroad for work?
  • Do you spend long periods of time out of the country?
  • Which countries do you travel to?
  • Do you work with dangerous machinery/chemicals (experiments)?
  • Do you take part in dangerous activities as part of your job?

Teacher Life Insurance

As a whole, you should have no issues in getting teacher life insurance. Furthermore, you should generally be able to get cover at the same or similar premium rate as standard. However, there are a few factors that insurers will take into consideration when reviewing your application, these are:

  • Do you travel abroad for work? How often?
  • Which countries do you travel to?
  • Do you work with dangerous chemicals/machinery?
  • Do you take part in high-risk activities for work?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your premiums may rise slightly as you have a higher risk occupation; however, this should not be raised to extreme levels and you should still be able to get the cover you want.

Other factors that insurers will take into consideration are:

  • How much cover you want (£’s)?
  • How long you want the cover to last (term)?
  • Type of life insurance you want (level, decreasing etc.)?

All these factors will affect your premium, as, for example, the more cover you want the more you will need to pay.

If you need any help deciding which form of teacher life insurance to choose, then call one of our advisors and they will help you pick what’s best for you.

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Teacher critical illness cover

As with teacher life insurance, you should be able to easily get teacher critical illness cover. There should be no issues with getting cover unless your job is very high-risk; in this case, insurers may need to ask more information about your occupation to assess the level of risk.

The only reason that your premiums may rise is if you have a high level of risk in your job, generally premiums for teacher critical illness cover will be available for you at or close to standard rates, and you should have no issues getting cover.

Teacher income protection

Overall, teacher income protection should be easy to get; and for a similar premium rate as someone with zero job related risks, as if you have a low-risk teaching job, then you generally won’t have any risks associated with your occupation and will have no issues with your application.

However, there are rare cases where you may have a higher premium or may have a slight issue with obtaining cover, if you have a high-risk teaching occupation i.e. you work in dangerous locations or with dangerous chemicals. Baring this in mind, it is still extremely rare that you will be rejected for you cover.

For more information or help with your quote for teacher life insurance, critical illness cover, or income support then speak to one of our expert advisors on 0800 083 2829.

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