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Life Insurance for Drug Use

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Drug Abuse Life Insurance

Life Insurance for People with Drug Use History

The Insurance Surgery is a leading insurance expert for people with non-standard requirements or needs such as Drug abuse life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Insurance underwriting is currently fairly strict on current drug use for life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, however a history of drug abuse does not necessarily mean that life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection will not be available to you. If you are looking for Drug abuse life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection then you should be aware that this disclosure will usually impact your offer of cover and potentially the premiums you will pay. It is important to get the right cover to protect your family, home or business which is why you should contact a specialist such as The Insurance Surgery to help you find what you need.

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How Drug Abuse insurance works:

You should know that Drug abuse will be a major factor in consideration for offering life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection and will depend on:

  • Current drug use (excluding cannabis)
  • Time since last drug use
  • Type/classification of drug(s) used
  • Any psychiatric or medical treatment
  • Mental health issues

Our specialist insurance advisers work with and help thousands of people every year to get the right cover to potect their families, homes or businesses regardless of their health, occupation or sport. The Insurance Surgery is focused on helping those individuals who would otherwise struggle to get cover, such as Drug abuse life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection where the application process can be more intrusive and difficult.

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Life Insurance for Drug Use Classifications

The use or abuse of drugs and other illegal substances will have an impact on your ability to get life insurance, especially if you are currently using drugs at the point that you are applying for cover. Drug abuse life insurance will generally require that you have not actively taken any substances for around 2 years apart from Cannabis which falls under slightly different rules.

Types of substances that will be classified as Drug abuse for life insurance:

  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Cannabis

There are many other types of drugs that will be classified as high risk for life insurance such as legal highs and any other substances that cause similar affects. Clearly there are additional risks relating to a Drug abuse life insurance applications which is why cover and/or premiums will generally be impacted.

Can a Recovering Drug User Get Life Insurance?

Insurance underwriters will want to see a period without drug use for life insurance which will give them some reassurance that you are not still dependant on illegal substances or still using drugs. The use of drugs in itself is not the main issue when applying for life insurance, the more important factors are the impact that drugs can have on your health, potential for becoming dependant on drugs and possible development of mental illness.

If you have applied for Drug abuse life insurance in the past and cover has been accepted with non-standard terms or you were declined, especially if you are no longer using drugs then you should consider speaking to one of our experts.

Drug Use Critical Illness Cover

Currently there is a possibility of getting Drug abuse critical illness cover as long as you are not currently still using drugs and especially where there has been a long period since you last used any recreational drugs. As with life insurance, Cannabis is considered to be lower risk for Drug abuse critical illness cover underwriting so more likely to be able to get cover based on use of this substance alone.

In some cases where we are applying for Drug abuse critical illness cover there are some more specialist insurance providers and products that could be more suitable for some individuals.

As with most histories of medical or health related problems and critical illness cover, drug abuse will be best considered the longer you have had since any use or issues.

Drug Use Income Protection

Income protection or drug users is also more than likely to be unavailable apart from Cannabis which may be considered with some specialist insurance providers based on a strict underwriting assessment.

Drug abuse income protection cover will also very much depend on which substances you have used and when was the last time that you used those substances.

Almost all drug abuse life insurance applications for income protection and other similar types of cover will specifically ask about any current or histories of drug use to help underwriters accurately assess levels of risk. For Drug abuse income protection you will need to disclose information about your own history with these substances to give underwriters sufficient information to give an accurate decision.

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If you are looking for cover such as Drug abuse life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection then you should contact one of our experts to see what we can do to help and save you money.
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