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Type 1 Diabetes life insurance case studies

Here we will look at some of The Insurance Surgery's recent cases and show some live examples of where we have obtained Life Insurance cover for clients with Type 1 Diabetes. You will be able to see some examples of individuals who have different levels of Diabetes and the sort of premiums that we have been able to obtain for those clients.

We hope that you will see that in these cases, life insurance premiums for Type 1 Diabetes are much lower than they have been previously which is thanks to some major improvements in underwriting. Life insurance providers are far more competitive than they used to be, especially for pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes which means that premiums have gradually reduced over the past several years.

What impact does having Type 1 Diabetes have on life insurance premiums?

Type 1 Diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) condition which is generally more prevalent in young people, more commonly known as Juvenile Diabetes. It is also more commonly/previously known as insulin-dependent diabetes or diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes life insurance premiums have reduced considerably over the past several years thanks to:

  • Improvements in life insurance underwriting
  • Greater competition for more common pre-existing conditions
  • Better understanding of the condition (Mortality data)
  • Improvements in treatment of the condition/longer life expectancy

Most cases we see in recent times have incurred considerably lower ratings on premiums than we would have seen several years ago. We are also seeing clients accepted at standard rates for life insurance with Type 1 Diabetes for certain age categories and mild levels of severity.

Unfortunately, we are still not able to obtain Critical Illness Cover for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes even though things are improving. The main reason for this is that Diabetes can lead to a number of other critical illness conditions including heart problems, certain cancers, and other cardiovascular conditions so the cover would be too restrictive to offer currently.

Case studies:


Mrs S
Applied: September 2013
Age: 31
Medical history: Type 1 Diabetes (Diagnosed 2001) last Hba1c reading = 6.4
Other information: BMI - normal; non-smoker; family history - Brother (Diabetes)
Sum assured: £150,000
Term: 30 years
Cover type: Level term assurance (family protection)

Premium: £17.75 (an AMAZING 57p per day)

This case is a prime example of a client that is well controlled with no major complications which is clearly reflected in the premium. As you can see from the notes, we managed to get this client £150,000 of cover over 30 years for an incredible £17.75 per month.

Mr M

Applied: October 2013
Age: 32
Medical history: Type 1 Diabetes (Diagnosed 1995) last Hba1c reading = 8.1
Other information: BMI - normal; non-smoker; Blood pressure medication
Sum assured: £170,000
Term: 23 years
Cover type: Level term assurance (family protection)

Premium: £17.64 (an AMAZING 57p per day)

This client was looking for £170,000 of family protection over a 23-year term to protect his family in the event of his death. We managed to obtain cover with a mainstream provider for an incredible £17.64 per month even though the most recent Hba1c reading was over 8.0 which is fantastic for our client.

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