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  • Client: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Smoker status: Non-smoker
  • Medical condition: Testicular cancer
  • Cover date: 23rd September 2019
  • Product type: level life insurance
  • Cover amount: £500,000
  • Cover term: 30 years
  • Premium: £20.30

We were approached by this gentleman on the 5th September 2019 when he completed an enquiry on our website. Our advisor Karl then contacted him to discuss his life insurance needs and any pre-existing medical conditions that he may have. At this point he disclosed that he has had stage 1 testicular cancer 6 years ago, of which he is now clear and isn’t receiving any treatment. The gentleman then went on to explain that he was looking for £500,000 of cover over a 30-year period as well as critical illness cover to cover his mortgage and protect his family. After learning this, Karl then researched the best provider for the gentlemen and applied to one of our mainstream providers. Unfortunately, the quotes for the critical illness cover were a little over the gentleman’s budget and therefore he chose to just have the level life insurance. As a result of this, Karl managed to secure the gentleman £500,000 of cover over a 30-year period for a monthly premium of £20.30.

This is an amazing outcome as the gentleman was able to get the protection that he and his family need for a very reasonable premium, especially due to the amount of cover that they gentleman was looking for and his previous medical history. Both us and the gentleman were delighted with this result as he was able to get the protection that he needs within his budget so he knows that his family are covered should the worst happen.

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 41
  • Smoker Status: Non-Smoker
  • Condition: Hodgkins Lymphoma
  • Cover Date: December 2015
  • Product Type: Level Term Assurance
  • Cover Amount: £750,000
  • Cover Term: 24 years
  • Premium: £63.68

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 40
  • Smoker Status: Smoker
  • Condition: Testicular Cancer
  • Cover Date: November 2015
  • Product Type: Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Cover Amount: £265,200
  • Cover Term: 27 years
  • Premium: £18.78

  • Client: Female
  • Age: 43
  • Smoker Status: Non-Smoker
  • Condition: Breast Cancer - Grade 3 - Stage 1
  • Cover Date: October 2015
  • Product Type: Level Terms Assurance
  • Cover Amount: £200,000
  • Cover Term: 40 years
  • Premium: £43.90
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