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Deafness Life Insurance

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Deafness Life Insurance

Deafness life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

Deafness and hearing loss can occur at any time, and can arise over a slow period of time, or rather quickly, depending on the circumstances. Deafness can affect one ear or both ears. Deafness in just one ear can be a result of an ear infection, a build up of liquid, a burst eardrum or Meniere’s disease. It is also possible to become deaf after prolonged exposure to a very noisy environment. If there is deafness in both ears, this could be as a result of the ageing process. To reduce further damage to your hearing, you should always wear ear defenders in noisy environments, listen to music at a moderate to quiet level, protect your ears at musical concerts by wearing ear plugs, and avoid placing things inside your ears to clean them (such as cotton buds).

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Deafness can improve on its own in some cases, such as if the cause is a build up of ear wax or an ear infection. However, for those who experience gradual and worsening deafness as they age, this could be permanent.

If you are suffering from deafness, you might find that you benefit from a hearing aid or implant. In extreme cases of deafness in which communication is difficult, it may be useful to learn sign language.

Common signs and symptoms of deafness include:

  • Difficulty hearing
  • Frequent miscommunication
  • Frequently requesting that people repeat themselves when talking
  • Increasing the volume of the television or music to very loud levels

How Deafness life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

When you make an application for deafness life insurance, insurers will generally consider the following:

  • When your deafness first began
  • The severity of your condition
  • Age
  • General health and lifestyle
  • Hearing aids and assistance used
  • The cause of deafness
  • Any underlying health conditions

The Insurance Surgery specialises in finding the right life insurance policies for those living with deafness. We carefully assess your circumstances and compare the market to identify the best cover plans for your needs. Simply fill in one of our online forms to receive a free no-obligation quote for deafness life insurance.

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Deafness Life Insurance

Can a deaf person get life insurance?

Underwriting for deafness life insurance will depend on the following factors that insurers will assess regarding your application:

  • Whether your deafness affects one or both ears
  • The cause of deafness
  • Underlying medical causes of your deafness
  • Associated injury
  • Your age
  • Your general health
  • Medications prescribed

If there is a medical reason for your hearing loss, an insurer will want more information from you. For instance, if you have suffered deafness as a result of injury or trauma, a pre-existing medical condition or otherwise, an insurer will want more details on the severity of your condition. You may not be eligible for standard life insurance premiums, depending on the insurers’ evaluation of your circumstances. If you have had long-term deafness for a long time and it has been caused by ageing or through hereditary factors, a standard premium is more likely to apply, as deafness is not considered to be a major impact on life expectancy.

An insurer might want to see a medical report from your GP to gain an idea of your current health and the severity of your deafness. If your deafness has occurred as a result of an underlying health condition, it is likely that you will be offered life insurance with increased premiums. If however you have had deafness for a long time as a result of ageing, an insurer may accept you with standard terms. At The Insurance Surgery, we have helped many people with deafness find the right life insurance cover for their needs.

Deafness critical illness cover

Critical illness cover could be available to you if you are deaf, although this will depend on your circumstances and whether your hearing loss is as a result of something more serious, such as a brain trauma, major injury or cancer. An insurer will always assess your condition and consider whether your deafness is likely to be considered a ‘risk’.

This could be the case if you have an associated underlying health condition that is linked to your hearing loss. An insurer might request a report from your GP.

Application criteria for critical illness cover generally tends to be stricter than applications for life insurance. While you might be offered cover with standard terms, if you have had health complications as a result of your deafness, you may be offered cover at a non-standard rate.

Get in touch with us at The Insurance Surgery for more details and to be put in touch with insurers offering critical illness cover that meets your needs.

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The Insurance Surgery is a committed life insurance specialist for people who suffer from deafness. We can help you compare the market to find the right insurance cover for your needs and personal circumstances. Fill in an online form for a no-obligation quote.
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