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Struggling to find life cover during the current climate?

life cover

Searching for life cover with a pre-existing condition can feel daunting and especially in the unusual world we live in now.

Many people have never worried about life insurance, but with the second surge in cases looming in the UK, it is a reality that the pandemic is far from over.  We recently helped a customer who was going through a terrible time trying to obtain Crohn’s disease life insurance. Our exemplary customer service and the whole of market access enabled us to find the best cover quickly and efficiently.  Our client tells us about her experience: 

I have had Crohn’s Disease for a few years and have previously found it challenging to obtain cover as I’ve had surgery and I’m on long-term medication‘.

 “My condition is well managed now, but I know it always raises alarm bells for providers and I must pay a premium for having Crohn’s Disease. For my most recent house purchase, I originally decided to get cover through another broker as they were obtaining my mortgage and I thought it would be smoother. This was not the case at all. I had many discussions about my condition, I received emails from various people who asked the same questions I’d already answered, and it was taking months to secure the cover.  Meanwhile, I’d managed to get a mortgage and moved into my house but with no cover, I was anxious. They asked me not to move GP’s as this would delay quotes, so I complied unhappily. I had to follow up on my application several times and was given mixed messages and was told the delay was because I’d not provided information (even though I had). I was also asked to phone the GP to ask them if they could hurry up and I asked to send photos of personal medical letters as evidence. This was the final straw as I wasn’t happy to do this and after being chased by several people in this big company, I decided to find cover elsewhere as I was frustrated and exhausted.  Thank goodness I came across The Insurance Surgery! I was so fed up with the whole process and wasn’t looking forward to starting it all over again but when my designated adviser phoned me from my initial enquiry, I realised I was actually speaking to someone who knew what they were doing. She was so friendly and down-to-earth that she made the whole process much easier. I answered a series of questions and she helped me understand the ones I wasn’t sure about. I only ever had to speak to one adviser and within two calls, she’d sorted it all for me (my partners too!).  There was no need for me to chase my GP or to share confidential medical letters and no need to keep repeating the same embarrassing details with various people. I honestly couldn’t believe she had managed to sort it all out so quickly when the other broker seemed to make the whole process so difficult. Within a week it was all done, and I was finally insured. My Adviser also gave me honest and informed advice about what kind of insurance I needed. She wasn’t trying to just get me to take out the most expensive type of insurance, it was based very much on my current circumstances.  So, I’m very pleased with the service from The Insurance Surgery. I honestly highly recommend them, and I wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere in the future. If you want to speak to a real person (and only one person rather than a team of people who don’t know who you are!), you want quick service and honest advice, then go to them. I am just so relieved to have it all sorted and so happy to have had my Advisers friendly support along the way.” If you are looking for life insurance cover and would like more information from one of our advisers, fill in the short form for a call back to find out your options at an affordable price.