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Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad

Ex-Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand recently starred in a documentary with the BBC to show people how he had coped several months on from the tragic loss of his wife, Rebecca Ferdinand. This hard hitting documentary shows how Rio Ferdinand managed mentally and emotionally after the death of his 34 year old wife after a 3 year battle with Cancer and then having to deal with raising his 3 young children alone. This program has been hailed as a triumph to help expose the issues being experienced by thousands of widowed men across the country and Rio shows what an incredible person he is, especially for sharing his innermost personal thoughts and fears. This is a situation that none of us ever want to have to consider but it is a very real situation for many families and men across the UK which should not be ignored. The emotional and financial issues following the death of a partner and especially when there are children to consider is unthinkable but a harsh reality that many of us must unfortunately face. This program raises a number of major questions and tackles them head on, such as: – What do you do when you lose your partner with children? – How do you talk to your children about the loss of a parent? – Is it right to grieve or do you need to be strong for your children? – What is the best way to cope mentally and emotionally? – How do you cope financially and support your children if you don’t have a professional footballers salary? – How do you prepare for the loss of a partner and parent? There is nothing worse than the thought of losing a loved one and especially when that person is the mother or father of your children so this documentary is a hard hitting way to tackle these very real issues head on. Life Insurance is one of the most important considerations for any parent and too few families in the modern age leave themselves unprotected financially with no family life insurance (level term assurance), critical illness cover or income protection. As a father of 2 I find it incredible to believe that people will risk their own children’s future financial security when it could be covered with a simple and affordable life insurance policy.