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Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance:

Why do I have to pay more for my cover just because of my illness, occupation or hobby?

Insurance companies charge a premium for insurance based on how likely they feel you are to have a claim. If you have an illness or a 'high risk' occupation or hobby they can consider you more of a risk and therefore increase the premium. This process is called loading

How much will they 'load' the policy by?

This will depend on many factors including how serious your illness is / how dangerous your hobbies or occupations are.

Will each company 'load' the premium by the same amount?

No, the loadings can vary tremendously from one company to another. This is where we use our experience and contacts to make sure we apply to the correct company for your personal circumstances.

How long does the process take?

This can vary depending on what medical and other evidence is required and how quickly it can be supplied. Typically we would expect the process to take 4 to 6 weeks.

Will I need to have a medical examination?

In most cases no, the insurance company will usually rely on information supplied by your Doctor.

How much does the service cost?

We make no charge for the service. If you decide to proceed with one of the quotations we supply you, we are paid commission by the Insurance Company who receives your business. As we do not provide advice regarding the suitability of any contract but purely advice on the companies who we think will potentially provide you with the most competitive quotes for your medical condition we do not charge a separate fee for advice. There is also no cost incurred if you decide not to proceed at any point through the process.

I already have life cover can you obtain it cheaper?

Quite possibly! Please ask us for a quotation in the normal way and we will do our best to help. DO NOT cancel your existing cover until you have new cover in place.

My illness is not shown in your A-Z does that mean you can't help?

Not at all. The A-Z index covers the most common illnesses. If your particular condition is not there please enter your illness as OTHER and we will be pleased to try and help.


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