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Haemophilia Life Insurance

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Haemophilia Life Insurance

If you have been diagnosed with Haemophilia and you are looking for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection, then we’re here to help. We specialise in helping people find competitive Life Insurance with Pre-existing Medical Conditions and this section looks at how people with Haemophilia are affected.

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How It Works

People with Haemophilia looking for Life Insurance will be asked to provide certain information to underwriters such as:

  • Type of Haemophilia (e.g. Type A or Type B)
  • What medication do you take
  • When was your last episode / attack
  • Any hospitalisation due to your Haemophilia
  • Have you had any recent time off work because of your Haemophilia

Our team of Life Insurance experts at The Insurance Surgery have helped thousands of families and businesses to protect themselves financially, regardless of their medical history. We specialise in finding competitive Life Insurance for people with medical conditions such as Haemophilia.

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Most Common Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions.

In most cases we see, Haemophilia is generally not sever and Life Insurance premiums are not affected or increased. Where the symptoms are more severe and there is a history of internal bleeding of joint damage, then premiums will generally be loaded (increased) to take the additional risk factors in to account.

Life Insurance underwriting terms differ from one insurance provider to another and can also vary over time as each insurer changes their own underwriting guidance. It is important that we approach the best provider for your type and severity of Haemophilia at the time of your Life Insurance application to get the best cover for you and your family, at the right price.

Our team of expert advisors have many years of experience in placing Life Insurance for people with Haemophilia so we know which insurance providers are right for you.

It is generally possible for us to get Income Protection or Critical Illness Cover for Haemophilia when the condition is less severe and well controlled with medication. Most people with Haemophilia can get Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection even when the condition is more severe and there are more recent symptoms or attacks.

In some cases there may be premium loadings applied, special terms (exclusions) or potentially postponed where there have been more recent issues.

Life Insurance For Haemophilia:

People with Haemophilia that need Life Insurance, will generally find that the terms offered will be favourable and usually standard rates with no premium increase applied.

If the condition is seen to be more sever by Life Insurance underwriters, then there could be an increase applied and generally some evidence from your GP will be requested.

Your Life Insurance premiums will depend on the type of Haemophilia that you have and what treatment / medication you are currently taking. If there have been recent symptoms or attacks that have required on-demand treatment then you will generally find that premiums could be increase or that your application may be postponed to allow for a period of stability or even decline.

Critical Illness Cover With Haemophilia:

Fortunately, Critical Illness Cover for people with Haemophilia is generally available and usually on the basis of standard rates with no premium increase. As with Life Insurance for Haemophilia, Critical Illness Cover offers the same flexible approach to underwriting where the condition is mild and symptoms are infrequent.

Insurance providers will generally want to see a GP report to support your application and will ask a number of questions about your Haemophilia to assess the risk.

Where there have been more recent events relating to your Haemophilia or the condition is more serious, there may be an increase applied to the premium or special terms offered. If the condition is much more serious, your application for Critical Illness Cover may be declined.

Income Protection For Haemophilia:

Income Protection for people with Haemophilia is also very possible and in most cases where the condition is mild and under control, standard rates are also possible in our experience.

In the same way as underwriting for Critical Illness and Life Insurance for Haemophilia, there can be a loading applied to your premium or special terms applied for more recent / severe issues or less well controlled.

If the Haemophilia has affected other areas of the body such as joints, there may be an exclusion applied to the policy and in more serious cases we do see some declined applications.

Facts About Haemophilia:

Haemophilia is a genetic condition that is passed down to children by one or both parents, but mainly in males. The cause is where there is a genetic mutation in the DNA sequence which affects the body’s ability to function properly.

The condition Haemophilia is where the body does not have the ability to clot blood which causes prolonged bleeding and bruising can occur very easily.

Haemophilia Statistics (UK):

  • Approximately 6,000 people are affected
  • Mainly occurs in males
  • Joint damage usually happens in older people with severe Haemophilia
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Symptoms Of Haemophilia

Haemophilia causes the body to bleed excessively for prolonged periods of time and bruising occurs more easily generally. The severity of symptoms and periods of the symptoms will all depend on how severe the Haemophilia is, which is dependant on the level of clotting factors in the blood, for example:

Severe Haemophilia: Less than 1% of normal amount of clotting factors
Moderate Haemophilia: Between 1% and 5% of normal amount of clotting factors
Mild Haemophilia: Between 5% and 50% of normal amount of clotting factors

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The Insurance Surgery team are experts in Life Insurance for Haemophilia and other pre-existing medical conditions. Since 1999 we have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses to protect themselves financially against the unexpected. We are passionate about finding you the best cover regardless of your circumstances or health at the right price.
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