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Basal-cell Carcinoma Life Insurance

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Basal-Cell Carcinoma Life Insurance

The Insurance Surgery is a leading insurance expert for people with non-standard circumstances, such as people looking for Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Most insurance companies would consider Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection depending on the severity of the condition and whether the condition was a one-off or it has re-occurred. Our team of specialists will help you to find the best insurance provider to suit your circumstances and ensure that you get the right cover at the right price to protect yourself, your family and your home or business.

How Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance works:

For ayone who has previously been diagnosed with Basal-Cell Carcinoma looking for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection, there will be additional requirements to provide information such as:

  • When were you diagnosed with Basal-Cell Carcinoma
  • How many Carcinoma’s you have had
  • Which areas were affected
  • Treatment or medication
  • Any other medical issues

Our team of specialist advisers has worked with and helped thousands of people to find the right cover where they have non-standard requirements such as Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection. If you have experienced problems getting life insurance previously because you have been diagnosed with a medical condition such as Basal-Cell Carcinoma then you should contact us.


Basal-Cell Carcinoma Life Insurance

If you are looking for life insurance and you have previously been diagnosed with Basal-Cell Carcinoma then you will be required to disclose information about your condition to your insurer. In most applications for Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance there will more than likely be a requirement to provide a copy of your medical records or at least a targeted report from your GP. This is purely to ensure that insurance underwriters can accurately assess your application for Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance to ensure that they apply the correct decision.

If you are applying for Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance then you may find that underwriting decisions will vary from one insurer to another due to the simple fact that underwriting criteria for each insurance provider is different. If you have suffered a one-off event and no further complications then you will generally find that Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance will be available at standard rates or very close to that.

For anyone who has suffered multiple carcinomas there should still be a strong possibility of getting cover at a reasonable cost, however there may be a loading to the premium which will depend on your own circumstances. If you have applied for Basal-Cell Carcinoma life insurance previously and been offered cover on special terms or even been declined cover altogether then you should contact our team of insurance experts.

Basal-Cell Carcinoma Critical Illness Cover

Applying for Basal-Cell Carcinoma critical illness cover can result in a number of different outcomes depending on your own medical history and whether your Basal-Cell Carcinoma was a one-off event. Critical illness cover underwriting for any pre-existing medical condition can result in a range of decisions depending on your own circumstances and which insurance provider you are applying to.

Basal-Cell Carcinoma critical illness cover decisions can vary from standard rates for one-off occrances, however there could be higher premium loadings for multiple carcinomas or where there are other medical issues. If you have applied for Basal-Cell Carcinoma critical illness cover in the past and been accepted with non-standard rates or even declined then you should speak to our experts.

Basal-Cell Carcinoma Income Protection

Similarly to other applications for personal protection cover with Basal-Cell Carcinoma, income protection can be accepted at anything from standard rates to a higher loading or even a decline if the condition is more severe with multiple carcinomas.

We also see a number of cases where there are exclusions placed on the policy that is offered for anything that could be related to Basal-Cell Carcinoma. It is important to apply to the best insurance provider for Basal-Cell Carcinoma income protection to ensure that you get the best cover and keep your premiums low.

Case Study 1

  • Client: Female
  • Age: 59
  • Smoker status: Non-smoker
  • Medical condition: TIA and basal cell carcinoma (BCC)
  • Cover date: 23rd September 2019
  • Product type: Level life insurance
  • Cover amount: £60,000
  • Cover term: 7 years
  • Premium: £22.37

We were approached by this lady on the 16th September 2019 when she completed an enquiry on our site. She explained that she was looking for £60,000 of cover for 7 years to cover the remainder of her mortgage. Our advisor Sam C then called her to further discuss her life insurance needs and her pre-existing medical conditions.

The lady then explained that she has previously had a TIA and has suffered from basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Sam C took further details regarding her medical conditions and the lady disclosed that she had her TIA in 1997 and has been fully recovered from BCC for 10 months. Due to the fact that she is fully recovered from BCC, and the fact that her TIA was over 20 years ago, Sam C was able to apply her to one of our main providers and secure her £60,000 of cover for a 7 year period for a monthly premium of £22.37, on the 23rd September 2019. This application would normally have needed a GP report and would therefore have taken a lot longer for it to have been completed, however the lady had a letter from her GP confirming her health which meant that the insurers could bypass the GP report and speed up her application. Overall, this is a great result as it was completed much faster than expected and for a great premium considering her pre-existing medical and her age.

Overall, we are delighted with the result as she now has the cover that she previously may have struggled to get, and her and her family can have peace of mind that everything will be looked after if she was to pass away before paying off her mortgage.

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