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Dangerous Hobbies Life Insurance

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Dangerous Hobbies Life Insurance

If you take part in a dangerous hobby or pastime and need life insurance then you may have found it difficult in the past. Due to the additional risks involved with certain hobbies which could be classed as dangerous by life insurance underwriters, it can result in your cover being accepted on special terms or even a premium loading.

Our team of experts at The Insurance Surgery have dealt with thousands of individuals, families and businesses looking for life insurance where people take part in dangerous hobbies, sports or pastimes. Since 1999 we have developed an extremely detailed and in depth knowledge of underwriting for dangerous hobbies life insurance.


How it works

For people who take part in certain activities such as dangerous hobbies and are looking for life insurance, then insurance providers will want to know information such as:

  • Amount of time spent doing the activity / hobby per year
  • Details of what the hobby is
  • Level of participation (danger) involved in the activity
  • Type of equipment used
  • Any qualifications / club memberships

The Insurance Surgery is a leading specialist for people taking part in dangerous hobbies for life insurance. Our team of highly skilled experts will help you find the most suitable life insurance provider to get you the right cover and save you money.


Dangerous Hobbies Life Insurance

People who take part in dangerous hobbies looking for life insurance should be able to find cover and usually at standard rates (no loading). Decisions from one life insurance provider to another may vary slightly depending on the type of activity and the level of participation. Some dangerous hobbies such as aviation with life insurance may find it more difficult to get accepted depending on type of aircraft, level of qualifications and regularity of flying.

Most applications for life insurance and dangerous hobbies will be subject to underwriting and if the activity is something that is regarded as high risk, then additional information will be required. The good news is that we see a large proportion of cases with life insurance for dangerous hobbies accepted at standard rates as long as we apply to the right provider for you.


Dangerous Hobbies Critical Illness Cover

Similar to life insurance for dangerous hobbies, critical illness cover is usually available for people who take part in certain dangerous recreational activities. Most insurance providers will assess the risks involved with the dangerous hobby for critical illness cover and require some additional information to underwrite the application. If you have been declined critical illness cover because of a dangerous hobby in the past then it could simply be that the insurance provider that you applied to was not the best one for your activity.

In some instances there may be some exclusions applied to your critical illness policy due to your dangerous hobby and again this depends on the type of activity and the insurance provider we apply to for you. Our team of experts will in this case aim to identify the insurance provider who would offer the best terms for critical illness cover for you dangerous hobby.


Dangerous Hobbies Income Protection

Again it is usually possible to obtain income protection for people taking part in a dangerous hobby or activity. In most cases we see, the cover available for income protection and dangerous hobbies is often based on standard rates and can often be without exclusions. As with other types of cover for dangerous hobbies, income protection is underwritten at point of application so you will need to provide information about your activities.

If your dangerous hobby for income protection is classed as something that would require some additional underwriting, then you may find that exclusions could be applied. In this case it is down to us to find the most suitable provider for you who would offer the best income protection cover at the right price.


About Dangerous Hobbies

A dangerous hobby is a term that covers a wide range of activities and there are an almost endless number of types of dangerous hobbies.

Some of the main dangerous hobbies we see are:

  • Aviation (e.g. Light aircraft, microlights, hand gliding etc.)
  • Sailing
  • Mountaineering / climbing
  • Motor sports
  • Winter sports

Each case for dangerous hobbies life insurance is assessed individually by insurance providers so it is important to disclose all of the information as accurately as possible. If you are taking part in a one off event then you will usually have no problem in obtaining cover as this does not constitute a regular hobby.

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