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Welder Life Insurance

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Welder Life Insurance, Critical Illness And Income Protection

The Insurance Surgery is a top insurance specialist for people with a dangerous job and who are therefore classed as non-standard by insurance providers. This includes life insurance, critical illness cover, and income protection. We have a team of insurance advisors who will help you to find the best cover to protect you, your family and your home; as well as save you money.

Some insurers will be more suited than others for high-risk occupations such as welding, so it is important that you make the best decision for you, with the help of our advisors. As there are different risk levels within a welding career, there will be an assessment that anyone who is applying for will have to complete; this is so that the insurance company can determine how much of a risk the welding occupation is. For example, an offshore welder will be more high-risk than a mechanical welder.

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welder life insurance

Some of the major risks for welder’s life insurance, critical illness cover, and income protection are:

  • Your role (e.g. if you are an offshore welder)
  • Your daily duties
  • Time spent in dangerous locations (i.e. underwater)
  • Industry (e.g. military, industrial)
  • Locations

How Welder Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

Insurance underwriters will take your circumstances in to account when reviewing your application for welder’s life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection to make sure that the policy is correct for you.

They will assess whether you will be classed as higher risk, it isn’t a particularly common occupation, with only 40,000-80,000 welders in the UK, so you should understand that this is a less standard occupation that may be classed as high risk by insurers.

There is a long list of dangerous occupations with different types of risks involved for this occupation, so you should speak to one of our specialists before going any further with your application.

Welder Life Insurance

There are several different potential outcomes for welder’s life insurance due to the levels of risk varying dramatically between roles, from commercial welding to underwater welding.

It is possible to get welder’s life insurance at standard rates as someone with no major issues if you have a low risk welding job, and you should be able to get cover fairly easily; however, there are some potential issues with welder’s life insurance.

Key factors affecting welder’s life insurance may include:

  • What are your duties?
  • Where do you work? (e.g. offshore)
  • How dangerous are your duties?
  • Do you work with hazardous chemicals/machinery?
  • What locations/countries do you work in?

Other factors that will affect the premiums for welder’s life insurance include:

  • How much cover is needed and why? (sum assured)
  • How many years do you want cover for? (term of cover)
  • Type of life insurance cover (e.g. level term)

Overall, as long as you do not have an extremely high-risk welding occupation there should be no major issue with finding you life insurance.

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Welder critical illness cover

It is usually fairly easy to get welder’s critical illness cover, and similarly to welder’s life insurance, if you have a low risk welding occupation you should be able to get cover close to standard rates. You will most likely find that there will be additional information required for your application, especially where there are more hazardous duties, such as diving, working at heights or working with hazardous materials.

Welder income protection

Unfortunately, it maybe more difficult to get Welder’s income protection due to the occupational risks of working with hazardous materials or in a dangerous working environment i.e. off shore. There are some exclusions that will often apply to a welder’s income protection policy which should be more or less the same across the board for all insurers. As with all high-risk occupation insurance, it depends on the level of risk involved in your job. For more information and a quote for your required insurance, contact The Insurance Surgery on 0800 083 2829.

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