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Surgeon Life Insurance

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Surgeon Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover And Income Protection

The Insurance Surgery is a prime insurance expert, specialising in insurance for people classed as non-standard by insurance providers. We offer Surgeon life insurance, critical illness, cover and income protection. In addition to this, we have a team of specialist advisors on hand to help you find the best possible cover for you; to protect you, your family, and to also save you money.

Generally, if you want surgeon life insurance, critical illness cover or income support then you should have no issue securing cover as it is not classed as a very high-risk occupation by insurance companies. However, this does depend on your daily role and responsibilities as insurers might class you as higher risk if you partake in risky activities as part of your occupation. As with all insurance applications, you will be asked questions about your career, so that insurers can determine how high-risk you are classed as.

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Surgeon Life Insurance

These factors may include:

  • Working with dangerous chemicals/medicines
  • Working with dangerous equipment
  • Working in a hazardous environment (around ill/contagious patients)
  • What field do you work in (e.g. doctor, consultant, operations surgeon)?

As there is a wide range of different surgeon occupations, and there is a wide range of risk involved between all of these, we advise speaking to one of our specialists to ensure that you get the best cover for you, and at the best premium.

Surgeon Life Insurance

There should be no issues with you obtaining surgeon life insurance as it is not generally classed as high-risk by insurers; this of course depends on your daily duties. It is very unlikely that you will be declined in your application because your occupation is too high-risk, however it may affect your premiums as the more risk involved will raise this.

The only other factors that will affect your premiums include:

  • How much cover you want (£’s)?
  • How long you want cover for (years)?
  • What types of life insurance you want (e.g. level, decreasing)?

Obviously, the more cover you want, the higher premiums you will get, as there is more chance of the insurance paying out, and hen it does paying out a higher sum.

Surgeon Critical Illness Cover

Similarly to surgeon life insurance, surgeon critical illness cover should be easy to obtain; as although there is an expectation that you will be working in a dangerous environment there is an expectation that there are several health and safety measures set up, for example you are vaccinated against serious diseases. However, this does not mean that surgeon critical illness necessarily possible to get at standard rates as there is still risk involved within your occupation, it just means that you might expect to pay more for your cover if you have a high-risk surgeon occupation.

Some risks that insurers might want to know about include:

  • What type of surgeon are you?
  • Are you exposed to blood/how often?
  • Have you had any time off work in recent months/years?
  • Do you regularly work abroad/how often?

They will only ask these questions to determine how high-risk you are and to work out how much premium you should pay as a result. However, if you would like a high amount of cover or have had a history of illness, they may need to ask for a medical report to assess whether you are more at risk to get a critical illness.

If they determine that you are more at risk, then they will reflect this in your premiums; furthermore, they should not decline you for your application unless you have an extremely high-risk surgeon occupation, or you have a separate pre-existing medical condition that they deem too risky.

Surgeon income protection

It should be easier to obtain surgeon income protection similarly to surgeon critical illness cover and life insurance. Again, similarly to surgeon critical illness cover, surgeon income protection should be easy to get and you may even get premiums close to the standard rate if you do not have an extremely risky surgeon occupation.

Due to this, insurers will assess your occupation overall, and you should generally be classed as low-risk; due to the surgeon occupation not being classed as an extremely high-risk occupation by insurers, and should therefore have a successful application, with reasonable premiums to reflect the cover that you want.

For more information about surgeon life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection give one of our specialist advisers a call on 0800 083 2829.

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