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Builder Life Insurance

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Builders Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover And Income Protection

Builders are subject to significantly higher risk than most other occupations as their occupation can be physically and mentally challenging. This leads to them being regarded by insurers as a ‘high risk’ when considered for life insurance.

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builder life insurance

How Builders’ Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

Builders’ life insurance will depend on several factors being disclosed to the insurance providers, including:

  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • If work at excessive heights
  • Machinery used
  • Safety qualifications held
  • Environmental risks

The Insurance surgery has a team of specialists in finding life insurance for high risk occupations, such as builders, who have aided thousands of individuals, families and businesses in protecting their future financially. Our experts can find the best life insurance, critical illness and income protection quotes on the market.

Builders’ Life Insurance

Life insurance for builders is considered a higher risk than other occupations, even if not working a excessive height, due to working with heavy equipment and possibly hazardous chemicals. Life insurance will typically be available at normal terms but, where the job requires to regularly work at heights of over 40ft, it may be more difficult to find insurance at standard terms.

Builders will often work in the following sectors:

  • Residential (houses, outbuildings)
  • Commercial (high rise buildings, offices, decorative structures)
  • Industrial (large buildings, warehouses)

The commercial and industrial sectors will more likely involve working in riskier conditions as they will tend to involve greater height, heavier machinery and more hazardous chemicals.

Builders’ critical illness cover

As with life insurance, builders’ critical illness cover will be available at standard terms unless it involves working at over 40ft or in particularly hazardous conditions. If working above 40ft, it may be more difficult to find critical illness insurance. In this case insurers will ask for more information in order to properly assess the risk. The insurance surgery’ team of experts will be able to offer advice and help find the best insurer.

Builders’ income protection

Income protection can be found for builders with a few insurers. The insurance surgery advisors will help you find a suitable underwriter and advise you on the best options to add to the policy. One option that is important to take when in a hazardous occupation is have an ‘own occupation’ definition. This will ensure that claims are assessed on the ability to work as a builder, rather than any other occupation that may have lesser requirements to do the job.

The deferment period, that determines how soon after a successful claim is made that the claimant receives their payout, is another important option to consider. Ranging from 1 day to 1 year, this can affect the cost of the policy and is an important factor when considering income if unable to work.

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