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Stress life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection

The Insurance Surgery is a leading insurance expert for people with all types of mental health problems which includes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. People who suffer from all types of mental health problems will need to disclose information about their condition to underwriters when applying for any type of cover to protect themselves or their family. In the case of Stress life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection you will find that there may be a range of possible outcomes which can be anything from standard rates for milder symptoms or historical issues all the way to decline where the symptoms are more acute with serious implications on health.

In this article we look at how an application for Stress life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection will be treated by underwriters to show you what you might be able to expect prior to applying for cover. If you have applied for Stress life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection previously then you will know that there are questions you will need to answer about your medical history and general health to support your application.

Symptoms for Stress:

  • Feeling irritable
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Fatigue

It can be difficult for underwriters to accurately assess an application for Stress life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection as with most types of mental health problems.

How Stress life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

Anyone with a history of Stress looking for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection will be asked to provide information about their condition such as:

  • Age diagnosed
  • Symptoms
  • Cause
  • Treatment or medication
  • Counselling

Depending on the severity of your condition and your symptoms will have a direct impact on the premiums you will pay for Stress life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection so call one of our experts today for more information.

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Stress life insurance

It can be fairly simple to get cover for Stress life insurance as this is seen as one of the lower risk mental health conditions when applying for this type of cover. You may even find that you will be able to get a Stress life insurance policy at the same premiums as for someone with no previous medical issues. Underwriters will want to see a copy of your medical records in some cases where the symptoms are more severe or for more recent issues where you are currently receiving treatment.

Some of the main areas to be assessed by underwriters when reviewing and application for Stress life insurance:

  • How old were you when you were first diagnosed
  • What was the cause of your stress
  • Have you had any counselling or psychiatric treatment
  • Are you currently taking medication

Rates for Stress life insurance can vary from insurance provider to insurance provider and premiums can range from standard rates which are the same as someone with no medical issues to potential decline if there are multiple issues.

Stress critical illness cover

It is also possible to get a policy for Stress critical illness cover in most cases and generally we find that insurers are happy to accept applications with this type of mental health condition. You may also find that premiums for Stress critical illness cover can vary from standard rates for mild to moderate symptoms or possible slight increases to premiums for more acute or recent issues. Some applications for Stress critical illness cover will be accepted with an exclusion to the policy which can either be related to mental health or total and permanent disability.

Stress income protection

Due to the nature of this type of policy you may find that it can be slightly more difficult to get a Stress income protection policy. Insurance underwriters will want to know whether you have had any time off work because of stress and potentially apply a loading or exclusion to your Stress income protection policy.

Case Study 1

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 37
  • Smoker status: Non-smoker
  • Medical condition: Stress and raised blood pressure
  • Cover date: 28th October 2019
  • Product type: Level life insurance
  • Cover amount: £200,000
  • Cover term: 40 years
  • Premium: £20.76

We were approached by this gentleman on the 21st October 2019 when he was referred by his sibling. Our advisor Rick then got in touch to discuss his life insurance needs and any pre-existing medical conditions that he may have. At this point he disclosed that he was looking for £200,000 of life cover over 40 years to protect his family should anything happen to him. He then went on to explain that he has suffered from previously suffered from stress and has had raised blood pressure. Both of these conditions are now historic and have been resolved, therefore they present less risk to insurers. After this conversation, Rick them took this information and applied the gentleman to one of our mainstream providers. He secured him £200,000 of cover over a 40-year period for a monthly premium of £20.76.

This is an amazing premium, especially considering the length of time he wanted to have the cover in place. Both us and the gentlemen were pleased with the outcome as he now has the protection that he deserves, and he and his family are protected should the worst happen.

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