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OCD Life Insurance

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OCD Life Insurance

OCD Life Insurance

The Insurance Surgery have a proven track record in finding insurance for clients with medical conditions, such as those with OCD, that make it difficult to find life insurance, travel insurance or other insurance products. Our team of specialists have years’ of experience in finding the best life insurance quotes available to the market, at the best prices. We have already helped hundreds of people suffering from OCD to find the life insurance that best suits their needs so, if you need our help to find the ideal insurance, contact us now.

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How OCD Life Insurance works:

If you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) finding life insurance can be tricky. OCD affects everyone differently and the severity of your condition can affect your life insurance application. Insurers will generally ask:
  • How severe is your OCD?
  • Do you take any medication?
  • When were you diagnosed?
  • Do you have any symptoms and how frequent are they?
  • Do you or have you had any treatment? i.e. CBT
  • Do you have any other mental health issues?
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OCD Life Insurance

OCD Life Insurance

If you have OCD and are looking for life insurance, it should be fairly easy to obtain. If your OCD is mild and does not majorly affect your day to day life, i.e. you can still work, then you should have no issues obtaining life insurance.

However, if your OCD is more severe and affects your day to day life more significantly then you may have issues with your life insurance application.

As OCD is classed as a mental health condition, insurers can be cautious when offering cover to clients, and you should therefore expect to answer several questions about your OCD and your mental health in general.

OCD Critical Illness Cover

If you have OCD and you’re looking for critical illness cover, the application will be similar to OCD life insurance. Insurers will need to know how severe your condition is to assess whether they can offer you cover, and what price your premiums will be.

If you’re OCD is severe and causes you to be unable to complete day to day tasks, then it is possible that insurers may request a GP report from your doctor when completing your application.

If they find that your OCD severely impacts your day to day life, then it is likely that you will have to pay more for your premiums

OCD Income Protection

If you have OCD and are looking for income protection, it is entirely possible that you will be able to get cover. However, depending upon the severity of your condition it is possible that the insurers will either increase your premiums and/or place a mental health exclusion on your policy.

Facts about OCD:

OCD stats:

  • Family history – those with family members with OCD may be more at risk of having OCD in he future.
  • Life events – specific life experiences such as abuse or bullying may mean that some people are more at risk of experiencing OCD.
  • Lower levels of Serotonin – Some people with OCD may have lower levels of Serotonin or other areas of increased brain activity, this can usually lead to OCD.

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If you are looking for OCD life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection and you don’t know what to do, then you should contact our team of experts. The Insurance Surgery is a leading specialist and we want to make sure that we help people to get the right cover to protect their families, homes or businesses and to save you money.
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