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Income Protection:

What is income protection insurance?

Income Protection Insurance will pay you an income if you are unable to work. There are various policies available which will cover you for sickness, accidents and/or redundancy.

Will my pre-existing medical condition be covered?

If you apply for short term cover then any pre-existing medical conditions will be excluded.

If you apply for long term cover we may be able to secure cover for your pre-existing medical conditions with an increase in the cost. Please bear in mind it will not always be possible to obtain cover.

I've already been declined long term cover because of my illness. Will you be able to help?

Possibly. As we have considerable experience in placing insurance for clients in special risk groups we will be able to assess your case and advise if we think obtaining cover is possible. Please complete an enquiry form and we will be happy to give you our opinion.

What's the difference between the long term cover and the short term cover?

The short term cover is designed to help you if a short-term emergency arises such as redundancy or a relatively serious illness. Benefits will usually be paid after you have been off work for 30 days, for up to 12 months then stopped.

Long Term cover will not protect you against redundancy but will protect you against very serious illnesses as the benefits will usually be paid until retirement age. Benefits usually start after a deferral period of your choice. The shorter the deferral period the cheaper the policy.

Which is the cheapest long term or short term cover?

Usually short term cover is cheapest, however, in certain circumstances, the long-term cover may be very competitive. (eg. For younger people, non-smokers, in non-hazardous occupations and in good health)

I already have Accident, Sickness and Redundancy cover with my mortgage will you be able to obtain the same cover more cheaply?

Quite possibly. Please feel free to use the online quotation system to find out!

Why can't I apply for the long term cover online?

With the long term cover, your policy will be looked at individually before carefully selecting the insurance companies who we think will offer you the most competitive deal.

Due to this individual attention, it is unfortunately not possible to offer a full online application.

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