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Fisherman Life Insurance

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Fisherman Insurance, Critical Illness Cover And Income Protection

The Insurance Surgery is a top UK insurance expert for people who are classed as non-standard by insurers because of their jobs, health or sports which includes Fisherman Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. You may already know that if you have a dangerous job or if your health is not 100% then you may be required to go through further underwriting when applying for personal protection policies that are designed to protect your family and your home. For someone who has a hazardous occupation such as a Fisherman then you may find that your application for Life Insurance, critical illness cover or income protection will be assessed differently. There are a number of reasons why an occupational risk can be viewed as higher risk which includes people who work offshore and those involved in sailing activities which are both the case with people in the fisheries industry.

Here we review the application and underwriting processes for Fisherman Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection to explain more about how it might affect you. If you need cover to protect your family or home then it is important to get the right policies that will offer the protection that you need as well as the other potential element that could save you money on your premiums.

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fisherman life insurance

Main risks for Fishermen:

  • Working offshore for extended periods of time
  • Sailing and boating
  • Potential risks of injury or accident

Most occupations that are classed as higher risk will include some of the usual activities that can result in potential claims from accidental death, injury and serious illness. There are a number of key issues for underwriters when assessing applications for dangerous jobs such as Fisherman Life Insurance, critical illness cover or income protection which will be taken in to consideration. You will be asked for information about your job which will determine whether you are classified as a non-standard risk for life insurance based on the potential for claim during the life of your policy.

How Fisherman Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

When applying for cover such as Fisherman Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, you will be asked to provide information about your job which includes information such as:

  • Which type of job do you have in the fishing industry
  • How often do you spend time offshore
  • Where do you travel to for your job
  • Have you had any time off work due to your occupation

Fisherman Life Insurance

Even though you might not think that this type of occupation would be considered to be a higher risk for life insurance, there are a number of areas which could cause further underwriting. The main issue for Fisherman Life Insurance is the fact that this type of work is offshore which is clearly not standard for underwriters assessing applications for this type of cover.

While there are certain roles in the fishing industry that are not high risk, there are also several of the main jobs that can be considered to be higher risk so could have an impact on cover.

An application for Fisherman Life Insurance can have a number of outcomes which can include higher premiums or potential exclusions to job related elements of your plan.

Premiums for Fisherman Life Insurance are generated from:

  • Your cover requirements in terms of how much cover you need
  • What period of time you want to take cover out for
  • Which type of policy do you want

For more information about your Fisherman Life Insurance quotes and to speak to a specialist you can complete our enquiry form or call our helpline.

Fisherman critical illness cover

There are also some potential risks that would be factored in to an application for Fisherman critical illness cover so you should prepare for additional questions.

Your premiums will be based on circumstances however rates can be the same as someone with no issues so you might not have a problem getting a Fisherman critical illness cover policy to protect your family or home.

Fisherman income protection

An application for Fisherman income protection can be slightly more difficult to process in some instances as there are some potential increases in risks or injury.

This type of cover can include exclusions based on the type of risks you might experience as well as potential restrictions to cover, include deferred periods and benefit amounts.

For advice or a free quote to get the most competitive Fisherman Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection to protect you and your family you should call The Insurance Surgery on 0800 083 2829.

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