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Epilepsy Life Insurance specialists - We specialise in finding competitive Life Insurance quotes for individuals who have Epilepsy.

Why use The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk?

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk was established in 1999 as the UK's first online insurance and financial services specialist for people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

We are a leading specialist in our field and offer a bespoke and unique service that is specifically designed for individuals who are classed as 'high risk' by insurance providers.

Our many years of knowledge and specific expertise in dealing with clients who are looking for Epilepsy Life Insurance means that we know the providers who will offer the most competitive premiums for your circumstances.

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk are Whole of Market and completely independent which means that we are able to apply to any insurance provider for you and more likely to be able to find the most competitive premiums for you and your Epilepsy Life Insurance needs.

How are we different?

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk services are specifically aimed at helping individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions such as Epilepsy. Our many years of experience and through the knowledge that we have from helping thousands of individuals we are able to source the right provider for your Life Insurance requirements.

We have developed strong links with the leading Life Insurance providers and have strong connections with the top underwriters to be able to quickly and effectively obtain lower premiums for Epilepsy Life Insurance.

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk have also featured in Which? for our excellent specialist service, as well as the consumer money site MoneySavingExpert.co.uk.

How much will Epilepsy Life Insurance cost?

The cost of Epilepsy Life Insurance depends on a number of underwriting criteria and the usual factors such as:

  • Amount of cover required (Sum assured)
  • Length of the policy (Term)
  • Age of policyholder
  • Smoker status
  • Type of condition (i.e. Grand Mal, Petit Mal, Temporal Lobe, Optical Lobe, Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobe etc.)
  • Severity of the condition
  • Age at diagnosis
  • Any other related or non-related medical conditions

Our consultants at The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk are highly skilled and knowledgeable for Epilepsy Life Insurance. They will need to ask a number of medical questions relating to your condition and complete a full medical fact find.

Once we have gathered this information then we will be able to search the market on your behalf to be able to find the most competitive Epilepsy Life Insurance premiums available to you.

Can I get Epilepsy Critical Illness Cover or Epilepsy Income Protection?

It may also be possible to obtain other types of protection such as Epilepsy Critical Illness Cover or Epilepsy Income Protection. The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk also offers expert guidance on these important protection products which may be available for you.

It is important to consider your own priorities when deciding on what type(s) of cover you may need for your own personal needs. If you consider it important to cover yourself and your family if you were unable to work because of serious illness or an accident then you may also want to consider these products to cover other eventualities.

Epilepsy Critical Illness Cover and Epilepsy Income Protection are specifically designed to offer a piece of mind and security should you be unable to work due to the diagnosis of a serious/critical illness or if you were involved in an accident.

How to apply for Epilepsy Life Insurance?

Simply by completing our quick and easy online data capture form we will contact you within 24hrs of receiving your details. We will then be able to provide you with a FREE and no obligation quotation for Epilepsy Life Insurance so it couldn't be easier.

Please note that it may in some circumstances not be possible to provide a quote for Epilepsy Life Insurance depending on the severity of the condition, however, you can rest assured that we will do our very best to ensure that you obtain the cover that you need.

What happens if I have Epilepsy Life Insurance, Epilepsy Critical Illness Cover or Epilepsy Income Protection in place already?

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk are proud to be able to offer many years of knowledge and experience, we, therefore, may be able to beat your existing premiums by simply looking at an alternative more suitable provider.

Life Insurance is very much like any monthly insurance contract (i.e. car insurance, house insurance etc.) and you are able to shop around to find the lowest premium for your circumstances. The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk offer a FREE no obligation review that will take a matter of minutes and we will hopefully be able to reduce the premium that you are currently paying, or help to offer a more suitable product.


Case Study 1

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 44
  • Smoker status: Non-smoker
  • Medical conditions: Focal seizures (epilepsy), depression and high cholesterol
  • Cover date: 18th June 2019
  • Product: Level Life Cover
  • Cover amount: £94,000
  • Cover term: 20 years
  • Premium: £20.80

We were approached by this gentleman on the 25th February 2019 when he completed an enquiry through our website. Our advisor Dan then contacted the gentleman to enquire about his life insurance needs and his pre-existing medical conditions. At this point he explained that he was looking for £94,000 of cover over a 20-year period to cover his re-mortgage, he then went onto explain that he is a non-smoker with depression and fairly mild focal seizures (epilepsy) as well as high cholesterol, however this isn’t an issue as he has it under control. Our advisor Dan then took this information and applied to one of our mainstream providers; he successfully secured the gentleman £94,000 of life insurance for 20 years to cover his re-mortgage. This is a brilliant premium considering that the gentleman has a few medical conditions, but due to the fact that they were all relatively mild and well controlled he was able to get the cover he needed and for a great price. He was overjoyed that we were able to find him cover.

Overall, we were so pleased that we were able to secure the gentleman the cover that he needed at a price that suited his budget. Furthermore, we love helping people to get the cover that they deserve and need as it gives us, and them, peace of mind that they will be covered if something unexpected was to happen to them during the policy term.

Case Study 2

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Smoker status: Smoker
  • Medical condition: Focal epilepsy and anxiety
  • Cover date: 25th June 2019
  • Product type: Level Life Insurance
  • Cover amount: £150,000
  • Cover term: 33 years
  • Premium: £13.28

We were approached by this gentleman on the 25th June 2019 when he completed an enquiry through our website. Our advisor Mark S then called him to discuss his life insurance needs and his pre-existing medical conditions. At this point he explained that he has focal epilepsy and anxiety, and that he is a smoker; he then went on to explain that he was looking for £150,000 over 33 years to protect his family when he passes away. Mark S then applied the gentleman to one of our mainstream providers and, on the 25th June 2019, secured the gentleman £150,000 of cover for 33 years for a monthly premium of £13.28. The gentleman was over the moon that he was able to get the cover that he needed so quickly as he now has peace of mind that his family is protected should anything happen to him within the policy term.

As a whole we were also delighted to be able to help the gentleman find cover as it means that his family have the protection that they were previously lacking. Furthermore this is a fantastic premium given his medical history and the fact the he is a smoker.

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