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Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia Life Insurance

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Vitamin B12 Anaemia Or Folate Anaemia Life Insurance

Vitamin B12 Anaemia Or Folate Anaemia Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover And Income Protection

B12 Anaemia happens when there is a lack of vitamin B12 in a person’s system. This causes the production of oddly shaped red blood cells which cannot travel around the body properly. This therefore affects the body’s haemoglobin levels and the way oxygen is delivered around the body. A person with Anaemia has a very low amount of haemoglobin in their red blood cells, and also has a smaller number of red blood cells.

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Associated health problems with B12 or Folate Anaemia include:

  • A lack of vitamins
  • Pernicious anaemia – when your body starts to attack healthy cells in your stomach
  • Nervous system problems
  • Being infertile
  • Pregnancy issues and birth defects
  • Issues with heart health

Although some of these complications are treatable, some such nervous system damage can be permanent.

Symptoms include:

  • Feeling tired
  • Lack of energy
  • Paraesthesia (a sensation of pins and needles)
  • Mouth ulcers and a sore tongue
  • Weak muscles
  • Problems with eyesight
  • Depression
  • Confusion/disorientation
  • Memory problems

Treatments for B12 Anaemia include the following:

  • Injections to replace vitamins that are not present in the body
  • Supplements/vitamins
  • Folic acid tablets
  • Changes in diet (an increase in the consumption of foods high in vitamin B12, including eggs, dairy, meat and fish)
  • Increase in a source of folate found in green vegetables such as broccoli and peas

It is often the case that those with B12 Anaemia have to stick with their treatment plan for the rest of their lives in order to maintain B12 vitamin levels.

How Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection works:

The following are the main conditions for underwriting an application for B12 Anaemia (or Folate Anaemia) life insurance:

  • Date of initial diagnosis
  • Medications being taken to manage the condition
  • Whether you are receiving B12 injections
  • Whether there any other underlying conditions causing your B12 Anaemia
  • How your B12 Anaemia affects your daily life
  • Findings from a recent GP report

The Insurance Surgery is a leading life insurance specialist for people who have B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia. We understand that everyone needs something different from their insurance policy, and can compare the market to help you find the right policy for your needs. Just fill in one of our online forms for your free no-obligation quote for your B12 Anaemia life insurance.

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Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia life insurance

Underwriting for Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia life insurance will depend on the following factors. Insurers may ask you the following questions:

  • When were you first diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency?
  • Do you take any medications to supplement your condition?
  • Have you received any medial treatment for your condition?
  • Are you receiving Vitamin B12 injections?
  • Is your Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to any other medical conditions?
  • Are you affected by your Anaemia in terms of your ability to work?
  • Is your doctor currently satisfied with your Vitamin B12 levels?

If you have Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia and you have regular health checks with your GP and your Anaemia is under control, it is likely that most insurers will offer you standard life insurance cover with standard terms. If however you have experienced symptoms as a result of your Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia, an insurer will want to know which medications you are taking and whether you are seeking treatment via your GP to get your B12 levels back to a more normal level.

An insurer may want to discuss your application with you in more detail to determine the severity of your Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia. For instance, an insurer may want access to details of the date of your initial diagnosis, and details of any other medical-related complications. At The Insurance Surgery, we have helped many people find the right Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia life insurance cover for their needs.

There are also additional factors that could affect your Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia life insurance premiums. These are:

  • Your age
  • Whether you smoke
  • Your general health and fitness
  • Your family’s medical history

Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia critical illness cover

It is likely that you will be offered critical illness cover on standard terms if you suffer with Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia, but have symptoms that are under control with no health complications. An insurer will want to check with you what your Anaemia-related symptoms are, how severe they are and whether you are making regular visits to your GP to monitor your condition. Applications for critical illness cover can be stricter than applications for life insurance. An insurer may seek some form of medical confirmation from your GP, or access to your medical records.

If your Vitamin B12 levels are not within a normal range or you need further tests in relation to your condition, you may be offered cover with non-standard terms from a specialist insurer. Contact us at The Insurance Surgery for more details and to be put in touch with insurers offering cover for your needs.

Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia income protection

Many insurers will offer income protection on standard terms to a person with Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia if their condition is kept under good control and they do not have symptoms that greatly impact on their lifestyle or ability to work. An insurer will want details of any medications you have been taking to manage your symptoms, visits to your GP, treatments undertaken and details of any periods of time you have had off of work as a result of your condition. If your condition has severe health complications than you may be offered cover through a specialist insurer, but with a premium loading.

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The Insurance Surgery is a specialist life insurance expert for those suffering with Vitamin B12 or Folate Anaemia. We have helped many people find the right cover for their personal circumstances, and can point you in the right direction of leading insurers offering the right cover for your needs.
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