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Migraine Life Insurance

If you are looking for Life Insurance and suffer with Migraines you will need to answer some additional questions about your condition. Here we explain how the application process works and what impact having Migraines could have on your Life Insurance premiums.

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How it works

Underwriters will want to understand the detail behind your personal experience of Migraines when you make an application for Life Insurance. Some of the information required for your application will include:

  • When the Migraines began
  • How often you experience them
  • Symptoms experienced and severity
  • How you treat and manage the symptoms
  • Any related conditions
  • Any further investigations

The Insurance Surgery is a leading Life Insurance expert for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Migraines are just one of the many conditions that our customers may live with. Over the past several years, we have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses to protect themselves, regardless of their medical history.

Case Study 1

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Smoker Status: Non-Smoker
  • Condition: Migraine
  • Other Conditions: Ulcerative Colitis
  • Diagnosis Date: August 2015
  • Hobbies: Motorcycling - Off Road 3-4 times per year
  • Cover Date: August 2016
  • Cover Type: Level Term Assurance - Family Protection
  • Cover Amount: £100,000
  • Cover Term: 5 years
  • Premium: £14.44

Case Study 2

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 45
  • Smoker status: Non-smoker
  • Medical condition: Depression, asthma and migraines
  • Cover date: 23rd September 2019
  • Product type: Increasing life insurance and critical illness cover
  • Cover amount: £100,000
  • Cover term: 20 years
  • Premium: £103.19

We were approached by this gentleman on the 23rd September 2019 when the he completed an enquiry through our website. Our advisor Sam P then got in touch to ask what life insurance requirements he had and what pre-existing medical conditions he has had or is currently suffering from. At this point the gentleman explained that he was looking for £100,000 of life insurance and critical illness cover for 20 years and that he suffers from depression, asthma and migraines. He explained that his depression is now mild although he does still experience some symptoms, and that 20 years ago, he had attempted suicide once. Due to the fact that he still suffers from depression, he was able to get the cover that he wanted however it was slightly more expensive than standard rates. Sam P managed to get him £100,000 of life and critical illness cover for 20 years for a monthly premium of £103.19 on the 23rd September 2019. This may seem like an expensive premium but the amount of cover that he was requesting, as well as the addition of critical illness cover, and the history of depression will all add value onto the premium. As a result of this, his premium is very good as he is covered for a large amount of cover for a long period of time and without any exclusions on his critical illness cover.

Overall, we were so pleased with this result as he is now covered for both life insurance and critical illness. Furthermore, the gentleman was also pleased that we managed to find him cover, and so quickly, as he is now protected for all eventualities.

Case Study 3

  • Client: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Smoker Status: Non-Smoker
  • Condition: Migraine
  • Other Conditions: Anxiety
  • Diagnosis Date: Unknown
  • Products: Multiple Policies
  • Product One: Level Term Assurance - Mortgage & Family Protection
  • Cover Amount: £150,000
  • Cover Term: 18 years
  • Premium: £6.80
  • Product Two: Level Term Assurance with Critical Illness Cover - Mortgage & Family Protection
  • Cover Amount: £50,000
  • Cover Term: 18 years
  • Premium: £9.74
  • Combined Premium: £16.54

Frequently Asked Questions:

The cost of cover will depend on the standard underwriting considerations such as your age, smoker status, amount of cover and term. It may include an additional loading for your condition but this depends on the severity and detail behind your migraines. Our expert advisers have years of experience and we aim to find the best cover for you and at the most competitive price.
We offer free advice so we can go through what cover you currently have and help you assess whether it is best to take an additional policy to top up your current cover, or whether to cancel what you have and replace it with a new policy.

Independent Reviews at


Migraines and Life Insurance:

Experiencing Migraines as an isolated condition would not cause you a problem obtaining Life Insurance. It is likely we can find cover for you at favourable rates. The underwriters just need to establish the finer detail on your personal experience of the condition and any other health issues you may have so they can give an accurate cost for cover.

Critical Illness Cover for people with Migraines:

Migraines should not affect your ability to get Critical Illness Cover, and often this would be at standard rates. The rest of your personal details need to be taken into account and having other medical issues on top of the migraines could alter costs and what is available.

Income Protection with Migraines

Income Protection cover is widely available for Migraine sufferers. Here the biggest factor would be whether you have previously needed to have time off work due to your Migraines. We can certainly help you explore what options are available for you if Income Protection Insurance is something you feel you would benefit from.

Facts about Mental Health:

Migraine is a complex neurological condition that is usually experienced as moderate to severe headaches that usually worsen as you move and can prevent you carrying out day to day tasks.

Migraine Statistics (UK)

  • Migraines affect around 8.5 million people in the UK
  • Migraines affect twice as many women than men
  • 190,000 Migraine attacks occur in the UK every day
  • Attacks last on average between 4 and 72 hours
  • Sufferers on average have around 13 attacks each year


Causes of Migraines:

The underlying cause for Migraines is unknown but there are certain factors that can trigger them such as:

    • Emotional Factors - Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Shock and Excitement
    • Physical Factors - Tiredness, Poor Posture, Low Blood Sugar, Strenuous Exercise (if not used to it)
    • Dietary - Missed Meals, Alcohol, Caffeine, Dehydration
    • Environmental Bright Lights, Smoky Rooms, Strong Smells

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Illness:

It can be difficult to obtain a firm diagnosis as there is not a specific test for Migraines, your GP would arrive at the diagnosis simply by looking at symptoms and patterns in the headaches you experience

It can be trial and error to establish how best to manage the symptoms, many people find lying in o darkened room and taking over the counter painkillers from early stages of a Migraine is the best way to minimise the attack.

Related Conditions

There can be an associated very small increased risk of:

Useful Links:

National Migraine Centre 

Migraine Trust

NHS Choices (Migraine)

Our team of expert advisors at The Insurance Surgery have many years’ experience working with people with Migraines. We aim to find you the best cover for you, your family or your business with the most competitive premiums.



The Insurance Surgery is a leading specialist for people with pre-existing medical conditions such as Migraines. We specialise in finding competitive life insurance, travel insurance, and Annuities for people living with Migraines.

Why use The Insurance Surgery?

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk was established in 1999 as the UK's first and now leading insurance specialist for people living with pre-existing medical conditions. Our specialist service was established after we recognised that there were no true specialists for what are known as impaired lives in the industry.

Our market leading service is designed to help those who may have otherwise or will struggle to find cover through the normal channels (i.e. Price Comparison sites, IFA's, Banks or Building Societies). Through our intricate knowledge of the impaired lives market, we have helped thousands of individuals to source the right cover at the right price.

The-Insurance-Suregery.co.uk is Whole of Market so has access to all the leading insurance providers and some specialist providers to obtain your Migraine Life Insurance.

How is The Insurance Surgery different?

The-Insurance-Surgery.co.uk is a dedicated specialist with over a decade of experience in dealing with individuals with pre-existing conditions. Our expert consultants will take your medical details and then speak to underwriters to obtain the best Migraine Life Insurance premiums for your individual circumstances.

We have access to some of the most experienced insurance underwriters and are able to use our knowledge to be able to access premiums where others may struggle.

You can also see what people think about The Insurance Surgery by reading some of our client reviews on our Review Centre page.

What are Migraines?

A migraine is not just a headache, it is a far more complex medical condition which is neurological and affects many areas of the body, not just the head. There is currently no actual known reason for the cause of migraines and research continues to try to understand more about the condition.

There is also no current cure for migraines, however, there are many different forms of treatment to ease the pain and discomfort caused by these episodes. A migraine can affect any one of us and at any given moment.

There are generally 5 stages of a migraine which are:


  • Prodrome stage: This is the warning stage and can include mood changes, fatigue and unusual amounts of hunger or thirst which can happen up to 48hrs prior to an attack
  • Aura: Usually lasting up to an hour and preceding the headache, including symptoms such as pins and needles, confusion or visual disturbance.
  • Main stage: This is where a headache usually occurs which generally lasts between 4hrs and 72hrs, other symptoms can be nausea and/or vomiting.
  • Postdrome/Resolution: The pain usually eases at this stage and begins to disappear however the feeling of fatigue and being lethargic will usually remain
  • Recovery stage: This stage can amazingly last for a few days to get to full recovery, or can be almost instant for a lucky few.

Migraine statistics:


There are approximately 190,000 migraine attacks in the UK every day

It is estimated that 25 million days are lost from school and work each year in the UK because of migraines

Migraines are more likely to occur with women (around 18%) than men (around 8%)


Over 50% of migraineurs have attacks more than once a month and around 13% experience more than one every week

How do Migraines affect Life Insurance premiums?

Generally, Migraine Life Insurance rates are very good and are usually offered at standard rates unless there is an underlying reason or other medical conditions are prevalent.

Some reasons that may cause additional investigations or underwriters may request a copy of your GP report is more persistent or severe attacks. Migraines themselves are not usually considered to be a high risk from a life insurance underwriting point of view, however, certain insurance providers may have different guidelines/criteria, therefore, it is important to apply to the best companies for your circumstances.

How do I get a quote for Migraine Life Insurance?

The Insurance Surgery is a leading specialist and our expert consultants are ideally placed to offer you guidance and support to help you find the best possible cover at the best premiums.

Click here to speak to one of our Protection Advisors 



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