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Anorexia Life Insurance

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Anorexia Life Insurance

The Insurance Surgery is a top insurance expert for people with pre-existing medical conditions such as people who suffer from Anorexia looking for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection. Anyone suffering from Anorexia looking for life insurance to protect themselves and their family should contact one of our experts who will help to guide you through the application process to find the best cover and save you money.

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How Anorexia life insurance works:

Living with Anorexia and looking for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection can mean that there are additional disclosure requirements about your health and your medical including:

Date you were diagnosed with Anorexia
Last symptoms or attack
Current treatment(s)
Any medication including dosage
Cause of your Anorexia

By speaking to a specialist such as The Insurance Surgery, they will be able to guide you towards the insurance providers who are particularly good for Anorexia life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. It is important to get the right cover to protect you, your family, your home or your business and especially for people living with pre-existing medical conditions such as Anorexia.

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Life Insurance with Anorexia

Mental health conditions such as Anorexia can have a variety of effects on life insurance underwriting depending on the severity of the condition and the cause. Anorexia life insurance will be based on whether you currently are suffering from any symptoms and whether the Anorexia has had any other effects on your health.

Information required by underwriters for Anorexia life insurance:

  • The date you were diagnosed with Anorexia
  • When did you last experience any symptoms of Anorexia
  • What impact does your condition have on you day to day
  • Have you seen a psychiatrist or counsellor
  • What impact your Anorexia has had on your health

Anorexia life insurance rates can vary from standard rates for someone not currently experiencing any symptoms or where the condition is well controlled, to heavier loadings or even decline where the condition is more severe and has had long lasting effects on your health. It is likely that underwriters will want to view a copy of your medical records for Anorexia life insurance to ensure that they have a full picture of your overall health to be able to assess your application accurately.

In some more severe cases for Anorexia life insurance where you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 17, you will generally find it difficult to get cover through the mainstream markets however there are more specialist insurers who would consider cover for you. Generally for Anorexia life insurance where the symptoms are still present and your BMI is below a certain level, your premiums will be increased slightly to reflect that increased risk.

If you have applied for Anorexia life insurance in the past and your application was declined or accepted with special terms then you should speak to one of our expert advisers.

Anorexia Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover for people with Anorexia can often be available at anything from the insurers normal or standard rates to decline for more severe cases. Similarly to life insurance, Anorexia critical illness cover will be dependent on your overall health, your BMI and whether you are currently suffering from any symptoms of Anorexia.

Generally if you are applying for Anorexia critical illness cover there will also be a requirement to provide a copy of your GP report so that underwriters can assess the level of risk. You should not consider this as abnormal as most other applications for Anorexia critical illness cover will have the same requirement. Your GP report will show the underwriters whether you have any other concerning underlying issues or whether you are healthy regardless of your Anorexia.

In some cases for Anorexia critical illness cover we see there are instances where premium loadings are applied if there are current symptoms or if you are currently being treated for Anorexia. Insurance underwriters will also require additional information about any other mental health issues and especially where there are instances of self-harm.

For more information about Anorexia critical illness cover you should call our team of experts to get the cover you need.

Anorexia Income Protection

It is possible to get Anorexia income protection cover in certain circumstances where the BMI levels are within relatively normal levels and there are no other major health concerns. The main concern with any income protection application is to make sure that there are no major health concerns that could cause illness or long term sickness. Due to the effects that low BMI can have on the body and the fact that mental health is such a major concern, Anorexia income protection can be a tricky one for underwriters.

If you have applied for Anorexia income protection in the past and had cover declined because of your medical history then you need to speak to our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions.

Due to the additional risks that can come with low BMI levels which is a major part of Anorexia, such as:

Heart problems
Liver or kidney damage
Low blood pressure
Mental health problems

You may find that Anorexia life insurance rates can vary and that you are required to disclose additional information about your condition.

Underwriting can vary from one insurance provider to another and therefore it is important to apply to those insurers who are more likely to want to cover you. If you apply to an insurance provider and are declined cover it does not mean that every insurer will decline cover for you.

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If you are looking for Anorexia life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection to give you the peace of mind you need then you should call our team of experts. We have helped thousands of people with pre-existing medical conditions such as Anorexia to for cover to protect themselves, their families and their homes.
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