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Theresa May- 1st World Leader with Diabetes 21/07/2016 10:39am 4 years ago

Theresa May - 1st World Leader with Diabetes

On Wednesday 13th July 2016, Theresa May became the new Conservative Leader and the new Prime Minister of Great Britain following the shock resignation of David Cameron. This also marked an historic moment as she also became the first World Leader to have been diagnosed with Diabetes.

According to reports, Theresa May was suffering from a severe cold in November 2012 which caused her some concern as her husband had just suffered from similar symptoms which had developed into Bronchitis. Mrs May decided to seek medical advice so visited her local gp and whle she was there, she had also mentioned that she had suffered sudden weight loss recently, a classic symptom of Type 1 Diabetes.

The former Home Secretary and now Prime Minister decided to take a blood test at that time which then led to some shocking news, she had been diagnosed with Diabetes. Apparently Mrs May had been suffering from other classic symptoms, such as drinking more water than normal and more frequent visits to the bathroom, but she had thought nothing of it at the time.

Initially she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, however the treatment and medication that she was prescribed did not work and further tests revealed it was actually Type 1 Diabetes.

Theresa May said "My very first reaction was that's impossible because at my age you don't get it," which is a common misconception that only children are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. "But, then my reaction was: 'Oh no, I'm going to have to inject' and thinking about what that would mean in practical terms.".

Type 1 Diabetes Stats:

  • Theresa May was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 40 years of age
  • 1 in 5 people who are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes are over 40
  • Around 10% of people with Diabetes in the UK are Type 1
  • Life expectancy is reduced by around 20 years
  • Type 1 Diabetes is more common in children (over 542,000 living with Diabetes worldwide)

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Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance:

There has been some incredible progress made on life insurance premiums for Type 1 Diabetes over the past several years especially, and it can now be obtained as low as standard rates in certain circumstances. The Insurance Surgery, a leading expert in medical conditions such as Diabetes and life insurance, has been experiencing some fantastic developments for it's clients in recent years.

Our Team of Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance experts have helped thousands of families, individuals and businesses to obtain cover with a wide range of severity, complications, treatments and diagnosis.

If you already have cover in place then it is definitely worth reviewing your policy as premiums may have reduced significantly since you took that policy out, your circumstances may also have changed.

Type 1 Diabetes - Case Studies

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Smoker Status: Non-Smoker
  • Type of Diabetes: Type 1
  • Cover Date: November 2015
  • Product Type: Level Term Assurance
  • Cover Amount: £150,000
  • Cover Term: 20 years
  • Premium: £34.68

Treatment Type - Insulin

  • Client: Male
  • Age: 45
  • Smoker Status: Non-Smoker
  • Type of Diabetes: Type 1
  • Cover Date: October 2015
  • Product Type: Level Term Assurance
  • Cover Amount: £120,000
  • Cover Term: 22 years
  • Premium: £24.16

Treatment Type - Insulin

Type 1 Diabetes Critical Illness Cover

Unfortunately, Critical Illness is still not available for people with Type 1 Diabetes which is incredibly unfair in our opinion which is why we are constantly campaigning for this to change. The Insurance Surgery management team regularly speaks with leading life insurance providers in the UK to try to get this to change so that we can offer this and other similar products to our clients.

Type 1 Diabetes Travel Insurance

Our partner’s team of experts at Just Travel offer some amazing rates and levels of cover for Type 1 Diabetes Travel Insurance through their carefully selected list of insurers. It’s quick and easy to obtain a quote either online via our quote and apply system or by calling the experts on FREE 0800 458 0487.

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