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National Heart awareness month – February 2013 –

February 2013 is Heart awareness month!

  The British Heart Foundation (The BHF) are running National Heart awareness month throughout February 2013 to raise awareness of Heart Disease.   The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s heart charity dedicated to pioneering and developing research to prevent deaths caused by Heart Disease. Throughout February the charity will be running a number of events and fundraising ideas to help raise awareness of the condition. Visit the BHF website for more information: The BHF Famously known recently for it’s wonderful and hilarious ‘Staying Alive’ adverts with the world renound actor and football star, Vinnie Jones and Mini Vinnie! Life saving techniques video: Staying Alive

How can you help Heart awareness month?

The BHF offer a great range of great gifts from Heart awareness pin badges to limited edition bags that you can purchase. You can also take part by hoolding your very own ‘Rock up in Red’ day which is being promoted by Mollie King from The Saturdays.

What are Heart Disease conditions?

There are a vast number of conditions that are caused and relate to Heart Disease that include: – Heart Attacks – Heart Failure – Stroke – Cardiomyopathy – Diabetes – High Blood Pressure – High Cholesterol The Heart is one of the most vital organs in the human body and one of the most prone to potential problems. The Cardiovascular system is the is responsible for the circulation of blood around the body and is vital for survival.

Heart Disease and Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be obtained where there is a history of Heart Disease, however the underwriting criteria will differ significantly due to the vast array of possible conditions and levels of severity. Milder conditions such as slightly High Blood Pressure or Raised Cholesterol would be fairly simple to look at, however more serious conditions such as Heart Attacks would involve more strict criteria. The Insurance Surgery has many years experience in dealing with all manor of Heart related conditions and our consultants will be able to steer you towards the most appropriate cover and reasonable premiums. It is important that you speak to a specialist that has a good understanding of your condition to ensure that you obtain the right cover at the right price.

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