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MS-UK Charity launch & MS Life Insurance guide

MS-UK Charity launch & MS Life Insurance guide

The Insurance Surgery’s charity partner Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC) re-launched in 2013 as MS-UK. The aim was to help the charity reach a wider audience and to reflect the fact that they are and have always been a national charity.

The Insurance Surgery is delighted to have been providing MS insurance services to the charity and its members since 2005.


MS-UK is a national Multiple Sclerosis charity that provides vital support and information to anyone affected by the condition. The charity is based in Colchester, Essex and has established itself as one of the UK’s leading MS charity organisations. For 20 years MSRC has been helping those affected by MS to manage the condition and help them to live a happy and fulfilling life. Visit:

MS-UK patron

Since 2002 Alistair Hignall CBE or “Higgy”, England international rugby player, County cricketer, as well as BBC TV presenter and commentator has been patron of MS-UK. Author of “Higgy…. Microphones, Matches and MS” ended his playing career at a relatively early age through injury and was diagnosed with MS in January 1999.

About MS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects the central nervous system. There are several different types of MS such as Relapsing Remitting, Secondary Progressive and Primary Progressive which all vary in severity and symptoms. MS is an auto-immune disease which is where the immune system gets confused and attacks itself rather than the virus. Scientists still have no exact answers to what causes the condition, however some progress has been made in recent years to answer this medical dilemma. Symptoms of MS can vary significantly from person to person and can be very unpredictable, therefore difficult to manage. Main symptoms include severe aches and pains, fatigue, mobility problems as well as optic neuritis causing possible blindness. For more information about the condition visit – MS-UK (About MS)

MS life insurance

The Insurance Surgery is a leading specialist for individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions such as MS. Life insurance and other personal protection products can be difficult to obtain with MS. There are a number of providers who offer particularly good rates for people with MS and this tends to change regularly. It is therefore important that you speak to a specialist like The Insurance Surgery who understands the condition and the provider underwriting terms. Insurance providers will generally offer terms for people with MS and the rates can vary drastically from one provider to another.

Case study:

Female: Age 42 (Non-smoker) Condition: Relapsing Remitting MS (diagnosed ’97) Sum Assured/Term: £118k over 18yrs

Premium: £19.02

The Insurance Surgery and the client were both delighted to have received such an amazing offer!

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