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Movember 2014 – Men’s Health –

Movember 2014 is here!

As we enter the 11th annual Movember event which has grown from 30 Australian guys with a revolutionary idea to raise awareness and money for male cancers to a global phenomenon today. Since it began in 2003, the Movember charity has raised over £346million for cancer research and to support people living with the medical condition. It has also recently added mental health to the list of conditions which is one fast becoming one of the biggest issues globally and usually goes hand in hand with severe health problems such as cancer.

What is Movember?Movember chart

The term Movember which is now a global phenomenon started in 2003 by 30 guys in Melbourne, Australia to help raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Since 2003 there have been over 4million Mo’Bros and Mo’Sistas who have all taken part to help fundraise for the Movember charity. There has been a total of over £346million raised so far which have funded over 770 men’s health projects globally. Visit:

The Insurance Surgery for cancers and mental health

At The Insurance Surgery we are proud to support a number of charities which include McMillan Cancer Support and Mind Charity for mental health. We are considered to be one of the UK’s leading companies when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer and mental health and life insurance, health insurance and other financial services products. Over the past 15 years The Insurance Surgery has helped thousands of individuals to obtain the life cover that they need to protect their loved ones, even though they may have been declined elsewhere. Our unique specialist service combined with many years of experience means that we are ideally placed to find the most suitable cover and our aim is to get you the lowest premiums.

How does cancer affect life insurance premiums?

There is a very common misconception about Life Insurance and medical conditions such as Mental Health and especially Cancer, where most people think that they simply can’t get cover. The fact is that The Insurance Surgery has been working hard over the past 10 years to overcome these common myths and help people that need cover the most…

Cancer Life Insurance

The first thing to understand about Cancer and Life Insurance is that it is usually available, however the only real stipulation is that you must be treatment free for 1 or 2 years depending on the type and severity of the cancer. After that period is up then you should be able to get cover which may have an additional loading for a further several years while the risks of relapse can still be high, but then it is usual to be given ‘standard rates’ for life insurance which is fantastic. We also have a specific provider who offer a no questions asked policy that covers everything apart from the cancer for £50k or £100k and premiums are very reasonable. Most people in this situation would rather have some cover than none and we would review these policies once cover becomes available again through mainstream providers. If you would like to know more about life insurance for your particular pre-existing medical condition then please feel free to contact our team of experts today….

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