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Diabetes Week 2017

Diabetes Week 2017 – Diabetes Life Insurance news

Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th June is the 2017 Diabetes Week and a major event in the and Diabetes UK calendar. The main theme of this year’s Diabetes Week is ‘Know Diabetes / Fight Diabetes’ to help people living with Diabetes to combat the effects of the condition. DiabetesWeek 2017 600x301 Hashtag campaign: #fightdiabetes Statistics show that approximately 65 people each day will die early from the effects of Diabetes and hundreds of others will face life changing problems as a result of Diabetes. Some of these issues could have been avoided if people were educated properly and given the right information about how to manage their health and their condition. Education is one of the single biggest problems that people face today when dealing with their Diabetes and managing their health. Organisations such as work incredibly hard to help inform people about the best ways to manage or improve their health using education programs such as the Low Carb Program and the Type 2 Testing Program.

About Diabetes Life Insurance

The Insurance Surgery has been working closely with and other Diabetes organisations over many years to help improve life insurance for people with Diabetes. In 2017 we have seen some incredible product developments which we are proud to have been involved with which are specifically aimed at people with Diabetes. Several life insurance providers have recently launched life insurance products that are specifically aimed towards people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Our combined efforts over the past several years working with these key life insurance providers has meant that we are now able to offer unique and some exclusive products for people with Diabetes.

Royal London Diabetes Life Insurance:

The Insurance Surgery and have been working with some of the leading underwriters and product development people in Royal London to help launch a Diabetes life insurance product, which we can now offer exclusively from May ’17. The key advantages of this product are:
  • Faster underwriting: Able to offer terms / cover immediately in almost all cases and underwriting is then completed following acceptance
  • Lower premiums: Cover is suggested to be available with up to 30% lower premiums than someone with Diabetes may pay elsewhere
  • Diabetes management benefits: People who affectively manage their Diabetes and work to reduce things like their Hba1c, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol will receive further discounts to premiums

Vitality Wellness Optimiser (Diabetes Life Insurance):

Vitality which is the 3rd largest life insurance provider in the UK launched a product called Wellness Optimiser in February ’17 with additional discounts (up to 45%) for people with Diabetes and High BMI. The Insurance Surgery and were heavily involved in the development process for the Diabetes section of this product to help ensure that it was suitable for people with Diabetes. Some of the main benefits of the product are:
  • Additional premium discounts: Up to 45% for Diabetes life insurance and 65% for Diabetes whole of life insurance
  • Diabetes management benefits: People who affectively manage their Diabetes and work to reduce things like their Hba1c, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol will receive further discounts to premiums
  • Vitality benefits: Annual cashback, Health rewards (e.g. Free cinema tickets, Free Starbucks coffee etc.) and discounts off major brands (e.g. Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, Sweatshop, Evans Cycles, British Airways and many more)

Exeter Friendly Diabetes Life Insurance

Exeter Friendly which is new to the life insurance market as they are traditionally an income protection and private medical insurance specialist also launched a Diabetes life insurance product in May ’17 called ‘Managed Life’. Similarly to the other Diabetes life insurance products above, it also offers you the chance to reduce your premiums over the first 5 years of the policy by effectively managing your Diabetes. Managed Life is a competitively priced Diabetes life insurance product that can be used to cost effectively protect your family and your home.

The Insurance Surgery – Leading Diabetes Life Insurance experts!

For more information about the exclusive products above or to speak to our team of experts about any other insurance needs then please call 0800 0832829.