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As Specialist MS Insurance Brokers we can find you the cheapest life insurance, travel insurance, income protection premiums available.

At The Insurance Surgery, we pride ourselves on an unrivalled knowledge of the insurance industry relating to people with MS.

As having MS will affect most of your insurance premiums it is vital that you take the advice to ensure you obtain the right policy from an insurance company that is 'friendly' to MS.

MS Life Insurance, MS Travel Insurance, MS Income Protection Insurance are all areas that we have specialised in for over 15 years so you can be assured we will guide you to the most appropriate policy. This is one of the reasons we have been chosen as the preferred insurance broker for the Charity MS-UK.

We also offer information on Impaired Life Annuities and Care Home Insurance Plans for clients with MS.

Please see how MS may affect your insurance needs below.

MS and Life Insurance

Life Insurance is generally available for most clients with MS. Usually, the cost of the cover will be increased due to the MS but the amount of increase will vary significantly dependent on items such as which life insurance company you approach, the type of MS you have, the severity and frequency of your symptoms. By applying for life insurance through an MS specialist like ourselves you can be assured that we will find you a competitive premium.

MS and Travel Insurance

Obtaining MS travel insurance could not be simpler if you use our travel insurance wizard. In a matter of minutes, you can provide all the information we need relating to your MS and our online system will provide you with numerous travel insurance quotes with your MS fully covered at a competitive price.

MS and Critical Illness Insurance

Obtaining critical illness insurance when you have MS will be difficult. It is possible to arrange some form of cover but the likelihood is that your MS and any related conditions will be excluded. Please contact us to explain the various options that are available.

MS and Income Protection Insurance

If you have MS and require Income Protection insurance it is likely that you will only be able to obtain cover with your MS excluded. There are various Income protection policies available dependent on whether you require long time cover or just short term over 12 or 24 months. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your MS Income Protection Insurance options.

MS and Private Medical Insurance

As MS is classed as a chronic condition it will not be possible to obtain a fully comprehensive Private Medical Insurance policy for clients with MS. It is, however, possible to look at obtaining cover with MS excluded or obtaining a Health Cash Plan. Please look at our guides to these policies.

MS and Impaired Life Annuities

If you live with MS and are about to retire we would recommend considering an Impaired Life Annuity that may significantly boost your retirement income. An Impaired Life Annuity is used to convert a cash lump sum into a lifelong regular income.

MS and Care Home Insurance Plans

Do you know of someone with MS who is either in a Care Home or about to enter one? If so they may benefit from an Immediate Care Plan and receive preferential rates.

Case Study 1

  • Client: Female
  • Age: 51
  • Smoker status: Non-smoker
  • Medical conditions: Secondary progressive MS and anxiety
  • Product type: Life Cover
  • Cover amount: £20,000
  • Cover term: 10 years
  • Premium: £30.14

We were approached by this lady on the late 2019 when she completed an enquiry through our website. Our advisor Greg then called her to discuss her life insurance needs and her pre-existing medical conditions, at this point the lady disclosed that she has secondary progressive MS and anxiety, and that she was looking for cover for 20 years for a maximum premium of £50 per month. Greg took this information and researched which provider would be best for the customer. He then applied to one of our specialist providers and retrieved a few quotes for different amounts of cover. As secondary progressive MS can be a very difficult condition to obtain cover for, the premiums can be subject to a relatively significant increase. Given her budget the client chose to take cover for £20,000 over 10 years, for a monthly premium of £30.14. This is a very good premium considering the lady’s difficult medical conditions as well as a few smaller medical issues that she has had throughout her lifetime. Furthering this, we also managed to secure cover for her partner, meaning that she could reduce the amount of cover that she needs.

Overall, this is a great outcome as it can be very difficult to find cover for someone with secondary progressive MS and we were delighted to be able to find protection for someone who previously struggled to find life insurance.

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