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Why use a specialist broker to secure your life insurance?

Why should I use a specialist insurance broker as opposed to going to an insurer direct?”.

There is a myriad of reasons regards why it might be better for you to choose a broker over an insurer direct but what are the stand out points before you make that decision between broker and insurer direct?

More choice and more options via the broker route…

All insurers are different:
  • different underwriting stances
  • different pricing models
  • different additional benefits
  • different products available
If you go to one insurer direct, you are limited to that underwriting policy, that price (based upon your circumstances) and that product (and any additional benefits they might offer).
A specialist insurance broker will typically do a fact find on you to find out your specific circumstances, then search all the insurers on their panel to find the “best” policy for you. When I say “best” that really depends on you as a customer. A lot of people think the best policy is the cheapest, which can be the case, but it might be more relevant to you the additional benefits offered, the different terms within the contract, the additional bolt on options with that particular insurer, etc.
This effectively means you don’t have to contact every insurer yourself, go through the same fact find process over and over again and then decide what is your best option. Ultimately, a broker will do all that hard work for you.

Why is a specialist insurance broker like The Insurance Surgery even more relevant to high risk customers?

If you have a pre-existing condition, getting life insurance can be hard through the “traditional” routes. We speak to many customers who have been turned down and declined life insurance before they have come to us.
As we know going direct to many different insurers would be very time consuming, but imagine going to insurers who don’t even cover your condition or aren’t particularly competitive with your pre-existing condition? Again, this is going to make the process of acquiring life insurance even more drawn out and time consuming.
As a specialist insurance broker, we have 20 years experience knowing which insurer is best for which condition/ hobby/ occupation. We also have an inhouse decision support system that allows us to pinpoint the best insurer for your circumstances, without us having to “ring round the houses” to try and get an offer of cover in place.
We also have specialist insurance products for Diabetics, people who have suffered with mental health in the past and also (very importantly) challenge decisions with insurers on a customers behalf if we feel the customer has a case to get cover from that provider. We love fighting peoples corner and will do it all day long if we have to!

The fact find sounds time consuming and intrusive?

The fact find is nothing to worry about. It is a very simple, factual process that lasts no more than 5 or 10 minutes. There will be some personal questions in there around height, weight any pre-existing conditions, etc. However, this information is absolutely crucial to get you the most accurate quote possible out there. The more accurate you are with your fact find info and the more info you give, the more suited the end policy will be to your needs.
Our advisors are specially trained in pre-existing conditions. That meaning when you contact us with your medical condition, its likely we are well aware what that condition is, how it impacts your life, what medication/check ups you might need, etc. and you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of having to explain it to your advisor in minute detail.
In particular we are specialists in We also recognise that (like a doctor) you might prefer to discuss your medical history with a member of the same sex, therefore you can request a male or female advisor to take you through the whole journey from start to finish.
Frequently asked questions:
  • Ok, so what happens after the fact find?
  • How long does the process take?
  • What additional information will I need to provide?
  • How does a broker benefit me here?
We will input your fact find into our decision support system, which then looks at all the different insurers available to you and your circumstances. For the majority of customers, this system will then come back with an option for our customer.
If the system can’t find an option, then we begin our manual underwriting process. This involves accessing specialist insurer’s quoting systems, ringing round insurance companies on your behalf, submitting proposals via emails, etc.
Circa 70% of customers we can offer cover to straight away and it can start within 24 hours. For the other proportion of customers we might require a nurse screening (which we will help organise for you) a virtual screening (where a kit is sent to you at home to complete) or request a doctors report from your GP (which we will chase in for you and pass to the insurers so you don’t have to). For these other 30% of customers, we will update you constantly on the progress of your additional information and give you updates as and when they come through (so you don’t have to chase anyone). This additional information process can take 4-12 weeks depending on what is required. Once the information is in, we can get a decision for you.