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Getting Life Insurance with a High BMI

When you have a High BMI, you may sometimes feel as though getting a life insurance policy is out of reach. There are some insurance providers who may add a loading onto your premium, or even reject your application completely. At The Insurance Surgery we know exactly which providers to approach to get people with a high BMI the best rates for their personal circumstances.

It is possible to get High BMI life insurance at affordable rates if you are within a certain tolerance level with no further medical or health issues. You may be completely fit and healthy, yet have a high BMI and we understand that. This is often the case for people who are particularly tall or muscly.

There are certain circumstances where it may be more difficult to get High BMI life insurance. If your BMI is over 53 or you have more serious medical complications, you may find that your application results in being declined. However, it is always worth filling out our online quote form and we can go from there.

For now, our handy infographic gives you an overview of getting life insurance when you are plus size or have a high BMI.

High BMI Life Insurance Infographic

Life Insurance With High BMI

When looking for life insurance with a High BMI or if you are classed as obese, the outcomes can differ. Some people may be rejected completely based on their BMI whereas others may have to pay a loading on their premium.

Loadings can differ and are based on your BMI and any other health condition that comes with it. Other factors that providers will take into consideration when reviewing your application are:

  • Any other pre-existing medical conditions i.e. diabetes, heart conditions etc.
  • Any treatment or surgery that you have had or are awaiting
  • Your waist/dress size
  • Your general health

Life insurance policies will vary between providers. Some will cover you whereas others will reject your application. If you have been declined elsewhere, we can help. Our experts can search the market and use our specialist knowledge to apply you to providers that we know can help.

Underwriting also changes for each provider over time. If you have been declined previously but have managed to change certain aspects of your lifestyle or lose weight, it is worth applying for life insurance again.

It is possible to get High BMI life insurance at standard rates where the BMI levels are within a certain tolerance level with no further medical or health issues. If your BMI is over 53 or you have more serious medical complications, you are less likely to be accepted. If your BMI is below 53, you could find a policy with additional loadings.

We will check all possible providers to try and give you the best possible outcome. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we understand that. We will never turn you away before all routes have been explored.

How much does High BMI Life Insurance cost?

Every circumstance application is different so we could never give you a figure before we explore the options. We would need to look at your personal details, medical history and BMI.

In general, if you apply for life insurance when you have a high BMI but your body mass index does not exceed 40, you may be eligible to pay standard rates for most insurance policies. Anyone with a BMI of over 36 could be quoted with an increased premium, meaning your monthly cost could be slightly higher. Each insurance provider has different BMI limits, which means you could be declined at one company but be accepted somewhere else.

Over 70% of people who have been declined elsewhere can secure life insurance through us. If your BMI is high, we can go to the providers that we know you have the best chance to get insurance through, so you do not have to search the market yourself.

What do I need to know to apply for High BMI Life Insurance?

If you are overweight or obese, you will be asked a series of questions to help find you a life insurance policy that covers you. These could include:

  • Current weight?
  • Height
  • Any weight-related health conditions
  • Do you have high cholesterol?
  • Do you have a high blood pressure?
  • Do you have Type 2 Diabetes?
  • An overview of your general health
  • How much cover are you aiming to take out?
  • Do you know what type of policy you are looking for?

If you are looking for Life Insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, but think your BMI would be classed as too high, we can help. We are experts in finding life insurance for people with all types of medical conditions and hazardous circumstances. All you need to do is fill out our online quote form today to get started.