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Getting Life Insurance When You Have Multiple Sclerosis

Here at The Insurance Surgery, we often get asked a lot of question regarding MS and life insurance. In this blog we will be answering some of our previous customers questions about what is entailed when they apply for life insurance with multiple sclerosis and what they should expect to be asked through the process.

I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is it possible for me to get life insurance?

First off, this is a resounding yes. You will probably get asked some questions around your condition, which will include things like:
  • Any issues eating or swallowing
  • If you need walking aids
  • The age you were first diagnosed
  • The specific medication you might be on
  • Any other underlying health conditions
They will also look at things that all insurance companies ask, including your weight, height, whether you smoke/drink, etc.

I have been declined life insurance because I have MS?

You might well have been declined in the past because of your multiple sclerosis. Many mortgage brokers, IFAs and general life insurance brokers don’t 100% understand MS and the insurance companies that might be able to get your cover. Therefore, they are unable to give you adequate advice to help you get cover in place. We always recommend all our clients with pre-existing conditions to use a specialist to help them get cover in place.

How do I find a specialist broker to help me and why should I use them?

The Insurance Surgery is the UK’s number 1 specialist broker for people with pre-existing medical conditions. When it comes to people trying to get life insurance with pre-existing conditions like multiple sclerosis. In a nutshell, an advisor like us has 20 years experience helping customers get cover in place when they have been declined elsewhere. We know which insurers will look at which customers and we also know how the different permutations with MS can impact getting cover or the price of that cover. You can find out more here why it pays to use a specialist life insurance broker like The Insurance Surgery:

Is life insurance for MS sufferers expensive?

The cost of getting life insurance with multiple sclerosis can be surprising reasonable. As with any life insurance, the cost of getting cover with MS depends on many variables including:
  • The amount of cover you want (is it just for your mortgage? A little more to leave to the family? Any outstanding debts you want covering, etc.).
  • How long you want to take the cover over.
  • The particular type of MS you have and how it currently effects your life.
  • The type of policy you are after (term, whole of life, family income benefit, etc.). You can find our more about different policy types here:
  • Your current BMI, any medication you are taking and any other underlying health conditions.

Will I have to go through a medical examination or report if I need to get life insurance with MS?

Not necessarily. We are currently getting 70% of our MS customers cover immediately. There are two or three insurers who provide cover straight away without a medical report. Only today we have helped two customers with the following criteria get cover in place immediately:
  • They had relapsing-remitting MS
  • Didn’t use any walking aids and had no issues swallowing
  • No memory issues
If your MS is mild, it is likely The Insurance Surgery can get you cover on the same day.

I have never got life insurance before, what type of jargon should I expect to come across?

The Insurance Surgery specialise in keeping things as simple as possible for all our customers. We want to take the hassle and pain out of acquiring life insurance for everyone with MS. Some of the terminology you might want to discuss with your advisor can be found here in our online glossary

How do I start with a quote?

The first place to start is to find out more about MS and life insurance from here you will able to find out more information to help you with your decision. From there, you will be able do the following: Once you have requested a quote, a specialist MS life insurance expert will contact you at a time that suits you to take you through the process and ask you some of the questions listed above.

Is it possible to get critical illness cover with MS? 

Critical illness cover is possible to acquire for people with MS. However, this will again dependent on the persons current control of the condition. Critical illness typically pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis of a serious illness. Find out more information about critical illness cover

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