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Rightmove Announcement

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with Rightmove to offer the best Health and Mortgage cover to those buying and renting homes across the UK. Rightmove Partnership With Rightmove being the UK’s number one property website and The Insurance Surgery as one of the top UK specialist insurance broker, what could be a better match in supporting you on your move? We are also renowned within the industry for our team of experts who help thousands of individuals to find the best cover who may have a pre-existing medical condition.
Did you know that only 50% of households with mortgages have life insurance in the UK?
It seems an odd concept to believe it given that we spend our disposable income so easily on the ‘fun stuff’ but aren’t willing to pay an amount so small to help give us financial security for our families.
Are you aware just 9% of the UK population have Income Protection?
Having this type of cover in place relieves a vast amount of pressure for if you couldn’t work due to an illness or injury. With a majority of employers only offering statutory sick pay, it’s something to think about.

What can we offer?

As there has been a surge in demand within the property sector due to the stamp duty holiday and many people moving within the rental market, we are here to help provide you with options of cover that will give you peace of mind when making these changes. Like to know more about our offerings, press our ad below and fill in our 45 second quote form!   Rightmove Partnership